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We care about people

Working with equal treatment is an extremely important part of our business. Equal treatment and inclusion should be an integral part of the regular work.

An advantage of being part of a large company is the ability to have optimized processes for fair treatment. Our new Equal Treatment Plan, which was launched in 2019, is our tool for ensuring fair treatment of all our employees, regardless of position.

Everyone should be treated equally

All forms of discrimination or discriminatory treatment are prohibited. Zero tolerance. We take discrimination very seriously and believe that it is the responsibility of both managers and employees to ensure that there is no discrimination within the company. In the autumn of 2019, our steering group for equal treatment rolled out our new equal treatment plan and in 2020, the business worked out new goals for the local equal treatment work.

The Equal treatment plan

The plan is a tool for the business to investigate risks, analyze, remedy and follow up activities within equal treatment issues, at a local level. 

The equal treatment plan describes what we should focus on and provides suggestions for different activities associated with each focus area.


Some examples of activities promoting equal treatment:

- Review local guidelines for how meetings are arranged to facilitate picking up and dropping off children.
- Ensure that contact is maintained with parental leave.
- Examine the conversation culture in the workplace.

Dialogue between manager, HR and work environment representative

Every manager has a responsibility to promote equal treatment in their business.

This can be done in dialogue and with the support of HR, either continuously or at least once a year during our annual HR talks.

Focus on attracting more women to Västerås

In the district in Västerås, a great deal has been invested in 2019 to break old patterns. At the terminal, for example, the supervisors during recruitment have worked to increase the number of female applications. Staff rooms, such as changing rooms, have also been given a facelift. These active measures are in line with, and supported by our new equal treatment plan.

Neutral changing rooms in Jönköping

To contribute to a more even gender distribution, the changing rooms were rebuilt in 2018. Instead of classic changing rooms for women and men, they have now introduced common changing rooms where they instead change in booths and then store their things in lockers. In this way, all employees get the same conditions instead of as before when the women's changing room was small and located in another part of the building.