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Real-life examples

You are not just paying for room on a truck, a train, a plane, or a ship. You buy a service that often involves many people. People who together do their utmost to create the best solution possible for you. Here is a small selection from our intranet showing the benefits of working together.

Johanna Wohlin

Indoor sales

A fun and relaxed relationship

– I then received the answer: "We have an agreement with your competitor, but we want to know what you bring to the table." I called the customer and we had a very nice conversation. He told me about his fun shopping trips he has made all around the world and we had a good laugh. He is 82 years old and his children are now in charge of the company, but he still works and takes care of certain things and has no plans to stop working yet.

– I think we got the deal because we clicked and had a nice talk.

Malin Jidemo

Field Sales

Customer extends cooperation

– I could not have closed the deal without the help of Håkan Kjellenberg, SPK (Sales and Production Coordinator). He has handled pricing and checked our capacity with all offices in Sweden.

– In addition, I want to thank our booking department which has close contact with their booking team and our drivers who do a great job for us out in the field!

Andreas Nyréus

Field Sales

Tips from a colleague on division Land resulted in a new deal

– I contacted the customer following a tip from Daniel Edvardsson, seller in Nybro. The customer was looking for a transport solution where the carrier takes overall responsibility for the entire transport chain from Kalmar to a customer in the US, to make it easy for their American customers to buy from them. We were able to present a solution where we are the customer's partner in the American market, in everything from transport to customs clearance and more, which appealed to them.

– A big thank you to the ocean and air export departments in Gothenburg and Stockholm who have been a great support in getting this documentation in place together with our American colleagues. Thanks also to Ocean and Air Pricing who have been helpful with quotes and more.

Helene Berlin

Field Sales

Great teamwork the key to new parcel deal

– We got the deal a lot thanks to the fact that we were able to offer the customer a good solution for their cage handling. The customer has their own smaller cages that are adapted to be transported in an elevator, which they must use to get the cages down to the berth. Previously, they have packed in their own cages, pulled them down to the quay, and then had to repack the packages to the carrier's cages. We offered to handle their own cages, which gives them great added value because they do not have to repack everything before pick-up.

Joakim Ekström

Key Account Manager

More than a partner

– We have a great group of people who really enjoys working with this customer. Some of them have worked for many years and have been on the journey of success until today. We have worked hard with quality and productivity every day during 2020 and we do not intend to lose motivation next year but continue at full speed ahead. We constantly work with different special solutions for the customer and are almost more a part of their company than a partner to them.

Linda Svärd

Key Account Manager

Continued trust from a large customer

– In the procurement, it was clear that the customer wanted to see innovation, creativity, and at market price. They choosing us is proof that we succeeded in meeting their demands.

– Since then, we have developed a strong partnership. In the procurement, we presented a clear vision with defined added values and a development of our already strong partnership. This together with market pricing meant that the customer chose to continue with us as a carrier for their entire distribution.

– Together we have lived up to all DB Schenker's six values: Take Customers Further, Win Together, Push Limits, Play Fair Be Honest, Walk the Talk and Be One Team With One Goal!

Jerry Lindestam

Head of Full Load Solutions, Sweden

On the train from China

– Various factors (incl. Corona) required fast solutions and transport, our volumes by rail have steadily increased. Our fast and flexible solutions have appealed to the customer and in many cases helped them in emergency situations. This combined with a great service from our Control Tower in Malmö. The traffic is in containers which on the main part of the route are transported by rail from China to Sweden. Transports take place from over 30 of the customer's suppliers in China, both in LCL and FCL.

– This is made possible through real teamwork within DB Schenker: Full Load Solutions, Land and Ocean in Sweden and China.