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Connect 4.0 eServices of DB Schenker

connect 4.0: Click. Ship. Done.

Instant quotes. Instant bookings. Instant satisfaction.
connect 4.0: Click. Ship. Done. Get started

Our eServices

Your organization needs end-to-end supply chain visibility. No more darks spots, black holes, or unexpected surprises. By designing a data-driven logistics tailored to your organization, DB Schenker keeps shipments moving through the supply chain, provides complete visibility, control, increased flexibility and easy access.

DB Schenker Connect 4.0 eServices

connect 4.0

When time is of the essence, you need a logistics partner that gets your shipments from door-to-door as quickly and efficiently as possible. An online platform that provides instant quotes and direct online booking, connect 4.0 provides seamless tracking 24/7 and ensures that your cargo gets to its destination on time, every time.
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eSchenker Tracking


You need a one-stop-shop for managing and optimizing your supply chain, and that’s exactly what eSchenker provides. Our most advanced logistic solution yet, eSchenker covers all of the supply chain and logistics basics in a single solution. It’s your entrance into a digitalized world providing a suite of dozens of eServices which aim to facilitate the interaction between DB Schenker and you as our customer. Each eService targets a specific logistic need, such as booking processes, shipment tracking, pricing, reporting, invoice delivery and more. The eSchenker platform is highly customizable and can be accessed via web browser, mobile app channels or even via APIs.
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Tech-Enabled Logistics for a Fast-Paced World

When all of the links of your supply chain come together to execute the perfect order for every customer at the most profitable cost, it’s downright magical. You get easy handling and a global network, and DB Schenker gets the opportunity to optimize your supply chain in unprecedented ways.