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Construction & Waste Disposal

TRANSA – your expert for production supply, logistics and waste disposal for the construction industry

Industry requirements

  • Full range of services
  • Customized services for projects of all sizes
  • Customized transport solutions (e. g. transport by road, rail, heavy load and intermodal transport)
  • Binding commitments to service provision
  • Flexibility (e. g. ability to adapt to changes in construction schedules)

Our solutions

Integrated construction site servicesConstruction supply

Construction supply

  • We deliver qualified and standardized construction materials
  • We offer customer-specific transport solutions: road, rail, heavy load and intermodal transports

Construction logistics

  • We offer customized loading, transport and unloading services, as well as installation and compression services with the necessary equipment
  • We coordinate services at construction sites

Construction waste disposal

  • As a certified waste management company for all types of waste, we offer waste disposal services, including loading and transports by road or rail
  • We handle electronic waste documentation and provide waste officers for construction projects

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