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Meet Rashi Bhardwaj - Power #WomanInIT from TSC New Delhi

Tapping into one’s inner strengths is not easy. From fulfilling the duties of being a mother to leading a team at work, the road to success for Rashi was challenging... But with courage, passion, determination, resilience, and patience, she marches on ahead! Such is the story of Rashi, our next power #WomenInIT.

  • Rashi, tell us a bit about your professional background and inspiration behind joining TSC.
    I had started my career as a technical editor. Currently, I am leading the Global End User Service Operations team at TSC New Delhi. It’s been 2 and half years here. Streamlining the business process, analysing the domain-related key areas, managing, training the resources are some of the great takeaways from my role here. At TSC, the clients are our partners who are working together for driving the DB Schenker business. This setup, responsibilities inspire me to be with the organization.
  • How has been your experience with TSC New Delhi so far?
    The initial first year of joining has been challenging. One was the dynamic team, and to keep them intact. Developing trust of the team members and leveraging their capabilities was some of the key actions to keep the team motivated. It was a roller coaster ride, but it is now manageable due to the same team support.
  • You are leading at team; how would you describe your leadership style?
    I would describe my leadership style as empathic and honest. I let my team explore, learn, and give them a free hand to experiment. For me, the focus is the end deliverables but also the development of each team member is equally important. Skill development happens when you provide opportunities to learn. I have been trying to get maximum projects so that each of us gets a chance to learn new technologies with global working experience. Truly, I have a wonderful team!
  • In your opinion, what is the most important characteristic, trait, behaviour, and/or skill a leader can possess?
    A very important trait – A leader needs to be approachable by their team and should have a journey inspiring enough to have good followers.
  • What has been your biggest challenge as a 'leader’? 
    Ensuring the team to trust in my capabilities, train them, keep them intact and motivated is not a cakewalk. Gradually, with all the efforts and mutual understanding, I now have a competent team. They have faith in me, welcomes new changes and is engaged for sure!
  • How have you navigated work and family? Is that a smooth sailing?
    It is now a manageable ride and the credit goes to my supportive family. I and my spouse help each other to balance the work. The need of the hour is to understand and act out as per the priorities, be it on the professional or the personal side.
  • Who is your biggest inspiration?
    My mentors in all my work stints have taught me a lot workwise and to some extents have influenced me to develop as an individual. They are my inspiration in the true sense.
  • An advice you want to share with the girls looking for a career in the IT domain.
    You can do anything, don’t confine yourself to any boundary! Leverage your experience, knowledge, culture in your career journey. Listen to your instinct. Look ahead and be with the people who will help you to grow, rest the sky is limitless!

Thank you Rashi!

The series of articles #WomenInIT features inspiring female colleagues, and their IT career paths at Technology Solution Center. We know that all around DB Schenker there are many of you! Let's share our stories and get inspired – men and women alike.