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Akanksha Ahuja

Akanksha Ahuja

Head of Partner and Project Management

I have recently joined DB Schenker TSC New Delhi as the head of Partner and Project Management (PPM). My role gives me adequate autonomy to bring in fresh perspective, drive initiatives, and experiment with ideas.

As we are working remotely due to the pandemic, there is a lot of collaboration, alignment with my counterparts so that the Partner’s expectations are well interpreted and met through a streamlined flow. We are also running several initiatives under PPM to bring in more alliance, improvements, and knowledge exchange across locations. My typical workday is all about managing partner demands, discussing ideas, planning, and then ensuring the actions are done on time.

The culture at DB Schenker promotes trust and collaboration which are the pillars of a successful organization. I enjoy interacting with colleagues, sharing, and discussing ideas and opinions that bring value to the business. The workplace benefits and policies are employee friendly. The company’s efforts and practices to ensure work-life balance make the journey easy, especially for a working mother, like me, who is required to equally manage home.

Empowering, Collaborating and Delivering is what rightly describe my job role in a nutshell here. Looking forward to exploring more - brand DB Schenker TSC New Delhi.

Rashmi Rani

SAP Consultant

My journey with DB Schenker Technology Solution Center, New Delhi, has been incredible so far. I have joined it almost 8 months back, but the connection with the company feels much older. I enjoy architecting solutions with bright minds here which comes with the perk of amazing work-life balance & a work environment that promotes innovation, collaboration. Growth and achievements have become synonymous with me. I am happy to get learning avenues for building my technical skills with highly valued projects. This helps me to understand the aspects of project management while also lead the initiative end to end.

Gaurav Singh

SAP Technical Consultant

Our team at Technology Solution Center, work on SAP projects and provide solutions in supply chain management with cutting edge technologies like SAP EWM/WM on the latest platforms. In the process of contract logistics, we discuss on IT project requirements & architect a sustainable digital solutions which is encouraging. The team here in DB Schenker across all geographies is fantastic and every teammate understand their responsibilities. The colleagues are supportive, friendly with each other. We take up the challenges as a knocking opportunity and turn them into a success.

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar

Senior Test Engineer – Solution Quality

One thing I admire the most working at DB Schenker TSC New Delhi is our inputs and ideas matters and are implemented in projects. Your good work is always appreciated by the leaders. It creates belongingness, positive work culture with enthusiasm.

My current role in DB Schenker TSC New Delhi provides me opportunities to learn and experiment with technologies in the Quality Testing domain of IT. With the workplace ideology of ‘agile’ practices, our processes are seamless and it's easy for us to perform the tasks. The paramount of exposure we gain through projects on a global level helps to refine skills and define career path within the organization.

There are challenges, of course, we take them as a stepping stone to success. I was given an opportunity to work on project for a robotic framework and was required to deliver it in a very short period. With all the guidance and support of leadership team, I had successfully compiled and delivered the project requirements in the assigned time frame. It was an achievement and great to discover my skills and going that extra mile in my work. I believe it is these challenges that have helped me to grow in my area of interest and gain IT expertise. For now, I am experimenting the world of Test Automation with Robot Framework. Further, I deep dive in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learn more new technologies.

…And for all the hard work we do at DB Schenker TSC New Delhi, the recognition, appreciations, suggestions we receive especially from whom you look up to in the organization are priceless. One such instance was when I was nominated for the Top Performer award, a moment for me to cherish in the true sense!

Vipul Hemant Kumar

Hemantkumar Vipul

Senior Software Engineer - RPA

My motivation to join DB Schenker TSC New Delhi was the newly set up RPA process with a vision to take it forward successfully.

I work as a specialist in RPA processes. Primarily, I was supporting our European partners. Thereafter I was promoted to work with other regions to now working with global partners. In my work, I always try to support production use cases based on their region and with a flexible approach to deliver in different time zones

For an IT professional, this is the perfect workplace because you get to work on various automation tools. It’s not only about implementing new technology but also 10 learning avenues opening when we work with a new technology. In the RPA team one of the advantages is we have automated many of the logistics applications simultaneously providing us ‘learning by doing’ opportunities. The work culture promotes a global mindset. A good amount of learning happens when we interact with our colleagues present in other regions and through global projects. Individual career development is at the core here. The global exposure, right tools, and leadership support provided are enormous, to build a successful career at TSC and in the IT domain overall.

I was overwhelmed to be given a chance to visit Frankfurt for advanced training in my area of expertise. A cherishable experience indeed! Other learning platforms like Udemy and leadership support for learning new technologies through identified courses and certifications.

DB Schenker TSC New Delhi is growing and has adopted an ‘agile approach in all its processes. There is collaboration with global developers, business analysts and project head every day.

We are a great place to work and with ‘one team one goal’ we all strive to always be the one team.


Gurpreet Kaur

Senior Software Engineer – Solution Delivery

To be very true one of the best experiences at DB Schenker TSC New Delhi is every day getting a chance to meet and interact with colleagues, leaders, who will inspire you in many ways. The favorite part is interacting with the women colleagues here. Everyone is so very approachable. We discuss work and it’s amazing to understand how well they are managing work and their home responsibilities with all the grace.

DB Schenker TSC New Delhi is a certified Great Place to Work with the best employee benefits. Amongst all the employee benefits offered, the best one is the learning opportunities in tech and career growth on offer for its employees. I was excited to join training in China for DevOps with other global colleagues. There is cross-functional collaboration for various projects. In one of the projects, I have worked closely with the Schenker India HR team, automating the entire employee life cycle process.

We are the IT Subject Matter Experts and believe in creating ways of learning by doing knowledge-sharing sessions internally. One such experience is where I delivered Python training in a remote setting to our TSC New Delhi colleagues. This surely was well appreciated and was a great value addition to the company and my role overall. The leadership team provides us a free hand to experiment, express, and all the tools to bring success in the projects assigned.

DB Schenker set of values is integral to each of us here. ‘Push Limit’s is close to me. We are in exciting times, experiencing growth and working on new tech everyday. Join us!