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300 people on board, meet Artur our “jubilee”, new employee!

DB Schenker Technology Center Warsaw is constantly growing. During the pandemic year, we welcomed approximately 80 new colleagues. We have crossed another line in April, and we have more than 300 people on board already. We’ve talked to Artur Bednarczyk, who completed the whole number. We asked how it is to start a new job remotely, and how he liked his first weeks in our company! Read the interview.

Hello Artur, please tell us how did you join our company.

Before joining DB Schenker Technology Center, I worked as an Application Administrator in a company organizing business travel for corporate clients. The pandemic hit this market sector very hard. As a result, I needed to look for another job opportunity, and this is how I founded the TSC Warsaw offer on the portal. I decided to apply as I discovered a lot of common points with my previous position.

So what do you actually do at TSC now?

I work in the IMI Competence Center team as a WMS Application Specialist. WMS stands for Warehouse Management System, so long story short; I’m responsible for supporting DB Schenker employees working with the system in our warehouses.

Sure! You joined us during the high peak of the pandemic in Poland. You started to work in a completely remote way. Was it a kind of a challenge for you?

No, not at all! Remote work is nothing new for me. My previous job was 100% remote, so I was used to this mode of working. My beginning here was also very smooth. I just visited the office once to pick up my equipment and sign documents. And I was ready to work from home without more significant difficulties.

And what about your first days in our company? Does online onboarding work from your perspective?

I think that the initial two-days onboarding training was very comprehensive and provided a lot of information in a nutshell. After that, I was very well oriented in company processes and knew where to look for information. My new team also welcomed me with open arms. Everybody is very helpful, and I also do not hesitate to ask many questions my teammates answer very patiently. They also organized special informal meeting when we could get to know each other better. We talked about after hour interests and things not connected with our job.

That’s nice! And may we ask what do you like to do after hours?

I like to spend my free time actively. I run a lot, especially the extreme obstacle races, e.g., the Runmagadon, very well-known in Poland. It is a race in which a competitor must overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. Obstacles include climbing over walls, carrying heavy objects, traversing bodies of water, crawling under the wire, and even jumping through fire. I also train boxing. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, all sports clubs are closed, so training possibilities are limited.

I can see you a fan of extreme entertainment. I think you will find many freaks ;) of your kind in our TSC Team. Welcome on board once again, and thanks for sharing!