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getting together

Join and enjoy!

We like to spend time together, sharing our passions and having fun. We are eager to learn new things like Cuban salsa or photography from our colleagues. But our biggest passion are games. That’s why we play after hours in board games, VR or organize FIFA and table soccer tournaments. Every common activity is also a great way to gather some funds for the charity purposes.

Getting together_salsa


board game_1

"Shortly after starting work for our company we realized that we share common passions - and one of these were computer and board games (who would have expected that from software developers J). Well, of course it would have been nice to play together. We arranged a meet and it turned into a fantastic evening with adventure, strategy and Playstation VR games. Everyone had a great time, and some were even wondering, how it's possible to have so much fun without alcohol. ;-) It was obvious that we have to meet more often - and that is how an unofficial board game club came to be. We sometimes meet in the office and are trying to encourage others to play."

board game_2

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