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We are a Great Place to Work, again!
The Great Place to Work certification has been awarded to DB Schenker Technology Center in Warsaw for the second time.
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The Future of work is a choice
Our Smart Workplace model gives you a lot of freedom on where to work!
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How do we influence the economy in Poland

1.41 billion PLN. Do you know what this amount stands for? It is the added value generated by both DB Schenker companies in Poland in 2018. It is our contribution to the development of the economy and building the GDP. DB Schenker Technology Center Warsaw, together with DB Schenker in Poland, were the first companies in the logistics and new technologies industries to publish the impact report on the economic and social environment. 

What is an Impact Report?

The economy is a system of connected vessels, and companies do not operate in a vacuum environment. Every decision we make, whether it is an investment or spending, has an impact on other economic players. An impact report is an attempt to measure the total effect of a company on business and social environment. 

What is our real impact?

DB Schenker in Poland has a network of reloading terminals and logistic warehouses primarily. It provides customers with the road, rail, air, and ocean transport. DB Schenker Technology Center, on the other side, focuses on delivering top quality digital solutions for the needs of the customers and employees. The developed impact analysis indicates specific values of the companies' operations on the economy. For example, each zloty of the added value generated by a company contributes to a total of nearly PLN 6 in the national economy. An essential category of the impact of a company's activity is also an influence on the labor market. The report shows that each job at DB Schenker contributes to maintaining a total of nearly six jobs in Poland. In total, the logistics operator, therefore, contributes to maintaining a total of more than 13 thousand positions in various sectors of the Polish economy.

Three dimensions of our impact

A company like DB Schenker has three dimensions of influence on its surroundings: direct, indirect, and induced. The direct influence results from the company's daily core business through the purchase of goods and services in the Polish economy. This impact can be expressed in such categories as value-added generated, jobs maintained, taxes paid, or salaries paid.

However, the company's influence goes much further than the direct effects of its activity. 

A company that operates cooperates with suppliers and producers from other industries and sectors, which also translates into their development and operation - they can create added value, hire employees, and pay salaries. In this way, an indirect impact is generated. 

And the last type of influence, the induced one, occurs when the income of our employees or employees of our suppliers, is spent or invested in the economy. 

The methodology

The calculation used data summarizing the activity of Schenker sp. z o.o. and Schenker Technology Center (Warsaw) sp. z o.o. in 2018 and statistical data available for public. The analysis was performed by Deloitte Advisory, based on the input-output model created originally by Nobel Prize winner Wassily Leontief. 

The Impact Report