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The digital world is your home. Reinventing it your passion.


Here to move

As Developer.

"I am leading a group of talented people. My role is to remove all obstacles from their path. Every day we write tons of code. We keep it clean because we care not only about the users' experience but also about the developers' experience.

We stick together, as we are one team with the same goal - delivering excellent solutions. We excel at delivering because we are free to do so and this comes from our hearts. What drives me? Challenges! What we do truly matters. Our solutions are used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. By making our solutions better, we change their lives."

Michał, Developer Leader

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“If you want to approach us as a developer, make sure your CV is well written. Focus on the technologies you work with and would like to work with. We want to know why you program and what you like best about it.”

Nadiia, Recruiter

What can You expect?

We will make sure your interview is a pleasant experience, regardless of its outcome. You can count on a decent cup of tea or coffee, a fast and clear recruitment process and honest feedback within a short time. But first and foremost, on nice people, who want to hear your story.

You will find current vacancies here.

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