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Social responsibility

We care about a balance between economic efficiency, impact on society and the environment. Every year our employees share their concepts about how we can help the people and the planet.  We choose the most exciting ideas and realize them. During the whole year, our colleagues organize some additional events, where they raise money for the charity while sharing their passions and integrating the teams. 

Help with us!

During the last years, we’ve held many charity actions. One of our first volunteering projects was the organization of the Christmas party for children with disabilities. We also prepared a couple of Noble Gifts for families in need and supported the animals in the shelter by building dog houses for animals by our own hands.

Save the planet with us

On the other side, we are trying to minimize our environmental footprint; that's why we, e.g., resigned from plastic bottles in our office. We've built the birdhouses and feeders for birds in our surroundings during the workshop with other companies.

Our first Sustainability Report!


STC Runners ran for the Rock’n’Roll Foundation


First aid trainings