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We are a Great Place to Work, again!
The Great Place to Work certification has been awarded to DB Schenker Technology Center in Warsaw for the second time.
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Ukraine Crisis Update
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The Future of work is a choice
Our Smart Workplace model gives you a lot of freedom on where to work!
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We build the future of tomorrow today.
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Noble Gift – Christmas charity action @DB Schenker Technology Center Warsaw

At DB Schenker Technology Center in Warsaw, many employees are involved in various social or charity initiatives like voluntary work for the foundations, support for the homeless and climate care projects. We have decided to gather the potential of these people and create a dedicated team for our company's social engagement activities. Its tasks will include determining the directions of our actions and organization and communication of particular, chosen projects initiatives.

A special group called “Let's change the world together” was formed by 13 people. At the first meeting, we shared our experience concerning the participation or organization of charity actions. Because of the upcoming Christmas season, we have also decided to choose an initiative related to this special time. We have considered several options – support for animal shelters, for the homeless or special school for mentally disabled children.

However, we chose to participate in one of the largest and most recognizable social actions in Poland - the Noble Gift (PL: Szlachetna Paczka). It is an enormous social project that connects families in need with people who are willing and able to support them. The database of families that would get the support is created by the Foundation's volunteers, who personally meet the families and recognize their needs. What is more, one of our colleagues is a volunteer of the foundation and she supports it in her free time, searching for families difficult situation.

We decided to help a single mother with four children aged from 2 to 15. The mother's former partner was the cause of domestic violence and additionally, after parting with her, he stole key household equipment when moving out of the family apartment. The needs of such a large family are, of course, sufficiently great. They lacked washing machine, duvets, beds for the oldest children, clothes, and food. Not to mention toys, cosmetics, and other products. After choosing a family, we started to act very quickly. At the reception desk, there was a market of gifts for the family in the form of post-its on a flipchart. Each employee could choose one gift and buy it. It was completely empty after a few days. Besides, we launched a collection of money for a washing machine and a bed for the family. We organized a charity fair - books, toys, souvenirs, and bakery products - cakes, homemade bread, and others - were available for purchase. There were also auctions where employees could bid for special services such as changing places with General Manager for one day or a dance course. The final of the action took place on Friday, 6 December. Before that, we wrapped all the presents into Christmas paper together and transported them directly to the family. The total value of the gifts amounted to PLN 6500. It was altogether 25 big and heavy boxes with food, clothes, shoes, toys, and chemicals and needed 2 cars to deliver them, but it caused a 100s of smiles on children's faces. Bringing them all to the 3rd floor was definitely worth the effort! We also managed to collect enough money for the washing machine and the bunk bed, that were delivered directly to the family's flat. So we played the role of Santa Clauses on that day, maybe not saints, but Schenker's ones :)