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The Great Place to Work certification has been awarded to DB Schenker Technology Center in Warsaw for the second time.
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Patryk Duiwe, DB Schenker Global Value Ambassador from DB Schenker Technology Center Warsaw

Patryk Duiwe was elected one of twenty DB Schenker Global Value Ambassadors from among 3,000 nominees worldwide. The title is awarded to those employees of the company who are models for respecting DB Schenker's corporate values. Read the interview with Patryk and learn more about his background, passions, and values he considers essential in his work and private life. 

Patryk, what do you do in TSC and in which team do you work?

I am working as Test Analyst in the Solution Quality team, and I am part of the LINES project, which means Linehaul Network System. It is a European land transport management system that is designed to optimize the punctuality and capacity of journeys between international terminals. The system was implemented some time ago and is currently under constant development. I am responsible for quality in this project. I make sure that all elements are delivered according to customer requirements. 

Was it surprising for you that your colleagues nominated you for this title and that you have won?

It was a huge, huge surprise to me. However, I felt very nice. It's amazing to be recognized and nominated by team members for what kind of person you are. I wasn't trying to be an ambassador. It just happened!

Are values important for you?  Do you have your personal set of rules you stick to in private and work life?

I think the most important thing is to be yourself, not pretending, whether in your personal life or at work. I also value teamwork and the opportunity to be part of a team. My motto is that no one can become a champion without a team, no matter what domain it is. I consider myself lucky to be part of such a great team that works together on a challenging and exciting project, which gives room for growth. In this team, I can learn and develop as well as pass this knowledge on to others. 

Other important aspects for me are curiosity and involvement in what we do, and a sense of shared responsibility. I think that you should not be blindfolded and focus only on the assigned tasks, from A to Z, especially in the area of quality. When working on a project, I always want to go deeper; I like to know how my work affects other elements of the process and others' work.

Do DB Schenker values have a special meaning to you?

Of all our values, I find Be one team with one goal fundamental. In my project, we cheer each other on and support each other. It's easier to be one team and have one goal when the people around you think the same way. I know from my professional experience that this is not always the case. 

What is your background? What did you do before you joined DB Schenker Technology Center Warsaw?

I started my career path in the automotive industry. I studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and during a student exchange in Portugal, I got an internship at the factory of huge, global car producer, in final quality acceptance. Then I decided to transfer this interest in quality and good habits to IT. I worked in insurance companies, pharmacy and even in a government institution. Then I came across a job offer in DB Schenker, and I expected that the logistics industry is very interesting, and it did not disappoint me one bit.

What is your hobby?

I love being in nature and showing the world to my son, Krzyś, five years old. We go to the forest, to the lake, pitch a tent, and camp. We spend time by the fire. Technically, it can be called bushcraft, and it comes a bit under survivalism. I also collect pocket knives and recently bought a children's pocket knife for my son. Additionally, I like to travel and paradoxically visit big cities.

In your nomination, we can read that you like to broaden your horizons every day. What do you do for your self-development, and why is it important to you?

I believe that you can't stand still, especially as a tester. I am glad that I have time and the possibility to develop. There is no other way in the IT industry; if you stand still, you will start going backward. I am glad that I also had the opportunity to support others in their development. Last year I took care of the internship of one of our colleagues. 

What do you think about the initiative of Global Value Ambassadors?

It's very nice to be recognized. Still, I think this initiative is important because it draws attention to values among a broader range of employees to whom the communication reaches. It's great to get to know the different faces of the company as well. Local values ambassadors are sure to appeal much more to employees in their countries. Or vice versa, perhaps it is people from different distant corners of the world who will inspire others to act according to the values. For me, it was great to get know ambassadors from different regions who personize the same values.  

Thank you for sharing Patryk!