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We are a Great Place to Work, again!
The Great Place to Work certification has been awarded to DB Schenker Technology Center in Warsaw for the second time.
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Ukraine Crisis Update
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The Future of work is a choice
Our Smart Workplace model gives you a lot of freedom on where to work!
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We build the future of tomorrow today.
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Polish for foreigners as a benefit for our employees

At DB Schenker Technology Center Warsaw we offered our foreign employees an additional benefit - a Polish language course. The offer met with great interest, even though knowledge of Polish is not required in our company as we communicate in English on a daily basis.

Mastering a language as difficult as Polish is no mean feat, but 6 of our employees took up the challenge and have been attending lessons conducted by Mrs. Anna Lubanska from the Berlitz language school for about four months now. Their motivation is mainly willingness to integrate with the team at work, as well as the possibility to use these skills in daily life. "Generally, life in Poland is easier if you speak Polish" says Carlos Otero Souto from Spain, who works at DB Schenker Technology Center as an Application Support Specialist.

“Learning and communicating in the language of the country where you live is also an expression of respect for the country and its inhabitants” adds Kareem Elshahrim, an Egyptian speaking a total of 5 languages. In his native Arabic language, he notes slight similarities to Polish in terms of pronunciation. Thanks to that, it is easier for him to pronounce words that can be more difficult for other colleagues. Overall, it's not easy for everyone... Although most of our Polish students are true polyglots, being fluent in several languages, everyone admits that learning Polish gives them a lot of difficulties, both in terms of grammar and pronunciation. According to various rankings, our language is one of the most difficult to learn by foreigners. Despite this, there are still people willing to learn. In June, the group was joined by Daniele Tamalio from Italy, who had previously tried to learn on his own. Currently, he hopes that the organized classes will help him learn our language faster.

According to Anna Lubanska, who runs the classes, learning our language is quite popular among foreigners living in Poland. "Some people find it easier, others find it harder. People from other Slavic countries have an easier task compared to others, however Italians learn Polish quite quickly as well. Knowledge of other foreign languages is also beneficial - the more foreign languages you speak, the faster you can learn another one. The most important thing, however, is to keep in touch with the Polish language on a daily basis, and to practice regularly.” – adds Mrs. Anna.

We hope that these classes will soon bear fruit and wish both the students and Mrs. Anna a lot of patience and determination.