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“We aim to be an outstanding organization. Therefore, we are searching for outstanding people. To attract the best people and have them choose to stay with us, we need Class A Leaders. What characteristics define a Class A Leader?

This is someone who: Firstly - makes things happen.

Secondly - follows and promotes our values naturally.

The leaders should also assist employees to meet their goals, lead by example, provides constructive feedback and supports the development of others. In this environment, outstanding things can be created.”

Przemek Głębocki
General Manager, Technology Solution Center


"Leadership is about making decisions, so it’s better to make a wrong decision than no decision at all. It’s also about allowing others to make wrong decisions and letting them learn how to make it better next time."

Head of IT Service Desk Hub EME


"In an ever-changing IT world people have to be open-minded, flexible and adaptive. Therefore they need to have strong and inspiring leaders that drive them to continuous development. I believe that as a good leader I should make employees  feel comfortable in trying, learning and discovering new ways of working. Seeing the people that are curious, in every-day work use their potential for seeking better sometimes even disruptive solutions is the biggest success of leadership.
I love leading not managing people."

Head of Quality Control

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