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ASML Semiconductor Supply Chain Service Center unveiled in Wuxi

DB Schenker and ASML, one of the world's leading suppliers of photolithography systems in the semiconductor industry, recently celebrated the unveiling ceremony of ASML’s Semiconductor Supply Chain Service Center in Wuxi.

As one of the world's leading integrated logistics service providers, DB Schenker offers customized logistics solutions for the new service center. The service center operates with a 7*24 warehouse service team, humidity & temperature controlled facilities, and optimizes the timeliness of spare parts distribution through batch declaration and other measures simultaneously.

DB Schenker has been serving equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the semiconductor industry for more than 15 years. By providing customized logistic solutions, DB Schenker helps customers improve their supply chain management while providing cost-effective solutions.
Ms. Yolanda van Norden, global senior director of ASML, expressed her sincere thanks for the “professional services to ASML’s supply chain management provided by DB Schenker, and she looks forward to further cooperation in the future.”

DB Schenker has been servicing ASML with its integrated logistics network and leading innovative solutions on a global scope for many years as a reliable business partner.

Our services provided to ASML:

  • Air transportation/Charter service
  • Land transportation
  • Tarmac handling
  • Rigging

With a dense worldwide network of experts and extensive experience in the field of sensitive equipment, DB Schenker always provides one-stop and optimized logistics solutions tailored to customers' specific requirements.

About Dutch ASML
Dutch ASML (Advanced Semiconductor Material Lithography) supplies photolithography systems in the semiconductor industry, and is headquartered in Veldhoven in the Netherlands. The company provides leading integrated critical equipment to complex IC manufacturers worldwide. DB Schenker and ASML have been cooperating in China since 2011