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DB Schenker completes international-domestic rail delivery

A China Railway Express (abbreviated as CR Express) train loaded with 627.3 tons of imported milk powder arrived in Chongqing from Duisburg, Germany. After distribution, the supplies were promptly transported by a domestic point-to-point express freight train at 04:00 on February 16, from Chongqing Xinglongchang Station to Changsha North Station, arriving at 05:38 the next morning.

In order to minimize the impact of outbreak controls on customers, DB Schenker broke through convention and successfully managed to complete this urgent cargo delivery through international-domestic rail transportation by connecting the CR Express with a domestic express freight train.

The 10,000-kilometer cross-border transport only took 17 days from Duisburg, Germany into Changsha, China - 5 working days faster than usual. To ensure the rapid customs clearance of supplies, DB Schenker completed the customs procedures one day before the cargo arrived in Chongqing. 

DB Schenker followed the principle of flexibility and mobility during this special period and we launched the combination of various environmental-friendly multi-modal solutions, such as combined rail push rail, rail push air and rail push ocean service, etc., to meet the emergency transport demand.  In addition, we will continue collaborating with our partners to further enhance the integrated logistics transportation of overseas and domestic cargos, including the two-way railway connection between the block train and single wagon system. As required, the pilot scope of point-to-point express freight train will be expanded to relieve the existing pressure on road freight, and we will continuously support the epidemic prevention, livelihood security and production resumption in various regions.

As one of the global leading logistics providers, DB Schenker has closely monitored the situation and engaged with our customers since the outbreak of the epidemic. With our integrated logistics network across Greater China and worldwide, we have accomplished several successful deliveries of emergency supplies and livelihood to regions affected by the epidemic. We will continue to monitor the progress on outbreak prevention and control, and strive to support with emergency transportation.

Our DB Schenker team provides CR Express delivery service (reference as below). Please contact your account managers or service specialist to learn more.

In late March, DB Schenker will launch innovative products and routes for higher quality services to meet customers' needs.