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DB Schenker Exhibits the CIIE 2019 with Smart Logistics Solutions

The 2nd China International Import Expo (“CIIE”) concluded on November 10, 2019 in Shanghai. As a second-time participant at the expo in the service trade exhibition area, DB Schenker’s booth featured a number of integrated smart logistics services which attracted the attention of visitors from all over the world, winning unanimous recognition within the industry. Highlights by numbers Introduction of New Digital Platform - Breaking Free of Traditional Thinking

How can we empower the global logistics network with digital technology to achieve high transparency and efficiency? As one of the leading global integrated logistics providers, DB Schenker has consistently broken free of conventional logistics shackles with innovative thinking and a disruptive mindset. The team at DB Schenker has recognized that the effective utilization of smart technology is the key to the future of the logistics industry, and has already developed creative applications of cutting-edge technology in various parts of the world, such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Exoskeletons, autonomous driving and sensor technology.

At the CIIE, DB Schenker presented its very own solution with connect 4.0, its new online booking platform. Characterized by a user-friendly interface, transparent data processing and flexible multimodal transport services, connect 4.0 was well received by visitors from different parts of the world at the expo. Century Dominant Gene – Stimulating the Development of CR Express

The China-Europe rail route is a new model of railway freight transportation under China’s Belt and Road initiative since 2011. The new transport model offers traders a cheaper option to ship goods to and from Europe, creating significant cost advantages and benefits along the supply chain.

What do the China-Europe rail developments mean for me as a customer of DB Schenker? As a customer, you can reap these cost benefits by leveraging on DB Schenker’s strong contract logistics and land transport network, which comprises of established offices and warehousing & logistics facilities located in 66 major cities across Greater China. Green Logistics – Focusing on Sustainable Solutions

As an organization, DB Schenker is committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions while improving transportation efficiency. DB Schenker has already announced its environmental goal as early as 2018, to achieve 20 percent reduction in emissions from trucks weighing over 7.5 tons by 2025 and reaching to 35 percent reduction by 2030.

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