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DB Schenker expedites urgent delivery of medical supply to China

As the epidemic evolves, major carriers have announced the cancellation of many flights and sailings, resulting in a significant impact on international trade and logistics services. Cross-border trade is also facing unprecedented challenges. 

In order to ensure sufficient medical supplies for epidemic prevention and control at the front line, DB Schenker Greater China teams have deployed various logistics solutions to open up supply chain transport channels from overseas to domestic modes. The teams have successfully completed multiple overseas emergency deliveries to meet customers' needs.

Up to now, we have transported more than 350 tons of emergency medical supplies to the severely-hit areas from Germany, the United States, Ireland, Thailand and Indonesia, including 200 tons of nucleic acid detector and reagents, 50 tons of minimally invasive surgical guns, 10,000 sets of medical disinfection water equipment, 50 sets of emergency blood glucose meter,19 sets of ECMO machines, as well as protective masks, protective clothing and medical gloves.

19 sets of EMCO machines were delivered from Frankfurt to Wuhan
Upon receiving an urgent customer request  February 25 at night, the DB Schenker sales team and airfreight teams took immediate action. At noon of the second day, the supplies were picked up from a factory in Germany and delivered to Frankfurt International Airport. Under the joint efforts and support of international customs and our partners, 19 sets of ECMO machines arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport by direct flight at noon on February 27. After prompt clearance by the customs authorities, the supplies were seamlessly and directly transported to Wuhan by China Postal Airlines charter, with an overall transit time less than 24 hours.

Responding to emergency demand for medical supplies required close cooperation between China and Germany teams

Since February 2, under the circumstances of flight cancellations and shortage of logistics resources, our Greater China teams worked closely with Schenker Germany teams in response to the surging demand for the reagents in hospitals and centers for disease control and prevention, especially those in Wuhan. The first 200 tons of nucleic acid detector and reagents for COVID-19 were ultimately delivered to China  five consecutive weeks by airfreight, with the fastest, safest and most economical 'end to end cold chain solution'.

As one of the leading logistics providers globally, DB Schenker has always played an active role in supporting local communities as part of the organization's core sustainability strategy. To combat the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak the team continues to leverage its integrated logistics network across Greater China and globally, offering customers with innovative solutions and providing reliable support for emergency transportation.