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DB Schenker Launches China-Laos Railway Cross-border Logistics Services

"China-Laos Railway", which officially opened to traffic on December 3, 2021, has seen tremendous success towards the end of the year. At 14:00 on December 31, the last freight train of 2021 fully loaded with containers destined for Southeast Asian countries at Kunming Terminal was headed for Vientiane South Railway Station in Laos, with goods destined for Southeast Asia handled by DB Schenker as well.

DB Schenker, one of the leading logistics service providers of China-Southeast Asia cross-border trucking and China-Europe railway transportation, remains active in exploring new development since the "China-Laos Railway" was opened. By virtue of its extensive global service network, rich operating experience, and ambitious goal of constantly seeking new plans of transportation to connect China and Laos as well as other countries in Southeast Asia, DB Schenker has been opening up new logistics corridors and plans for customers and creating new value.

Create Value, Realize a Win-win Result

China-Laos Railway is the first transnational railway project mainly invested by China, connecting China with Laos, a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. The construction of the China-Laos Railway has made the section in Laos, one of the 14 countries bordering China on land, the only railway corridor with the same track gauge of 1,435 mm as China and with no need for the complicated cross-boundary break of gauge.

After the China-Laos Railway opened to traffic, DB Schenker, following the principle of "More, Faster and Better", has been optimizing plans to provide logistics solutions with higher efficiency and lower cost.

DB Schenker officially launched "China-Laos Railway" cross-border logistics services.

The replacement of the original overland transportation by truck-rail transportation saves about a quarter of the cost. Rail also offers higher efficiency as compared to ocean freight transportation, saving customers about one-third of their time.

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