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DB Schenker Launches New "Land Bridge - China to US" Rail-Sea Intermodal Solution

As dozens of containers of goods arrived at the U.S. east coast, it has marked the successful completion of the first trial and its official launch of the "Land Bridge - China to US" rail-sea intermodal transportation solution. The new service was jointly developed by DB Schenker and Xi’an International Inland Port Multimodal Transport Co., Ltd. This innovative transport solution provides cargo transportation from Xi'an Station to Bremen on CR Express (Chang’AN), thereafter being switched to sea to the Port of Houston and Port of Charleston on the east coast of the US.

Apart from creating a direct connection between China’s Central and Western regions and the east coast of North America, this new transatlantic land-ocean corridor also delivers the containers from the eastern coastal areas to the west inland ports.  

The international freight market has faced huge challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020. DB Schenker embraced collaborations and integrated global comprehensive logistics resources, launched the innovative "Land Bridge - China to US" rail-sea intermodal transportation solution, and opened a new land-ocean route across Central Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. This new land-ocean route connects the Central and West China with the east coast of the North America, optimize freight routes as economical as the "All Water" while with high efficiency.

Highlight 1: significantly improved timeliness and reliability

The new "Land Bridge - China to US" rail-sea intermodal transportation solution creates a new route that transports goods from Xi’an of China to the U.S. East Coast ports, which avoids uncertainties caused by the congestion of the West Coast ports and Panama Canal, and greatly improves reliability.

Highlight 2: guaranteed availability of spaces and containers

Backed by the resources of our partner Xi’an International Inland Port Multimodal Transport Co., Ltd., the transport capacity of DB Schenker is greatly increased, and the mature operation modes have also guaranteed the availability of freight spaces and containers.

Highlight 3: "one container to the end" with all-time tracking

With the strong support of Xi’an International Inland Port Multimodal Transport Co., Ltd., DB Schenker guarantees to switch from standard rail to wide rail as fast as possible at the Alashankou border port; At the same time, "full containerization” removes the need to change the container during shipment, which ensures transit time and cargo safety to the greatest extent. Furthermore, a global positioning & tracking device has been installed for each container, which provides real time data to all containers information such as real-time container position and ability to visualize tracking results on 24/7 basis.

Highlight 4: low carbon and environmental-friendly

Rail remains overall the most environmentally friendly transport mode in comparison with other transportation. Since the climate change becomes a global concern, it is beyond doubt that this low-carbon transportation will produce a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions generated by international transportation of goods and make a contribution to slowing global warming.

"We advance businesses and lives by shaping the way our world connects" is Our Purpose at DB Schenker.  We expect to introduce this innovative new product to our whole global logistics network soon. The CR Express connects China with the European continent as well as all regions along the Belt and Road Initiative. DB Schenker will further expand this connectivity to all the locations that European ships can reach including the east coast of the United States, the east coast of Canada, the east coast of South America, and even the African continent, etc.

From now on, "Land Bridge - China to US" rail-sea intermodal transportation has set out on a weekly basis as required.

For schedules and all destinations at east coast ports of the United States, please reach out to your customer representative or contact us at: