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DB Schenker offers integrated wine logistics solutions

According to statistics reported by China Association of Imports and Export of Wine & Spirits (CAWS), China’s global wine imports amounted to approximately US$2.856 billion in 2018.

Wine is currently China’s top imported alcoholic drink, accounting for around 49.5% of the domestic alcoholic beverage market with a total import volume of 687.5 million liters.

Based on the country of origins for imported bottled wine, France still remains China’s biggest wine source for bottled wine imports in 2018.

Wine Logistics Solutions

In the history of DB Schenker, wine transport has always been an essential part of our business. Our experts work constantly to optimize and improve on special storage and handling methods to maintain the beverage and its packaging in pristine condition, with the objective of introducing new and improved logistics solutions to cater to the international transportation needs of this very special industry.

01  Full Container Load and Less-than-Container Load Services

Operating from our dedicated warehouse, DB Schenker offers both palletized and hand-stacked container packing services for bottled wine. Our staff have the experience and expertise to optimize the load whilst ensuring your wine is stowed safely for ocean transit.

Thermal liners offer an economical alternative to reefer containers, assisting to minimize effects of temperature fluctuations whilst transiting between different seasons and climates. Thermal pallet bags are also available for LCL cargo where insulation is required.

Our flexi-tank provider is renowned as a global market leader which means we supply you with the world’s most advanced bulk wine technology. The supply and fit service assures a professional and safe installation each and every time.

02  Fast, Door-to-door Airfreight

For over 20 years

DB Schenker has provided efficient and reliable wine delivery services - from cellar door to private wine buyers worldwide.
This airfreight service is designed specially for the tourist industry, the e-commerce sector and wine producers delivering samples of the latest vintage releases to overseas agents.

Repacking carefully

All wine is repacked into our Styrofoam safety containers, ensuring that your customers receive their wine in pristine condition.

03  Rail Freight – A balanced alternative

High safety levels, excellent CO2 balance and daily reporting visibility are the main benefits of rail freight. With lower transport costs than air and faster transit times than ocean, railway transportation is a balanced alternative.

How to control the associated risks during transportation?

In wine transport, there are two main factors – temperature and humidity - that need to be controlled during storage and transportation in order to maintain the original taste of wine. In summer, higher temperatures can cause irreversible deterioration, while winter’s freezing temperatures can easily damage the bottle body and affect the cork’s seal.


Above 21˚C

  • Loss of free sulphur dioxide, the oxidation prevention
  • Loss of acidity/freshness
  • Formation of oxidative/reductive characters
  • Loss of fresh fruit aromas
  • Premature ageing / accelerated development
  • Changes in colour change (formation of brown hues)
  • Probable loss of closure integrity due to wine expansion and leaking
  • Re-fermentations

Below 5˚C

  • Package and closure damage if freezing occurs
  • Probable sediments caused by precipitation of phenolic material
  • Tartrate crystal precipitation


  • Moisture and humidity might damage the packaging