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DB Schenker provides distribution services for European automotive manufacturer in Chengdu using new electric vehicles

Recently, with the first DB Schenker new energy vehicle driving from a leading European  luxury vehicle manufacturer's warehouse in Chengdu, the distribution services within the city with the use of this new electric vehicle was kicked off simultaneously. 

In recent years, carbon emissions have shown a downward trend gradually under the influence of various industries and fields in the world. However, the impact of the transportation industry on carbon dioxide is still high. As an environmental pioneer, DB Schenker has already announced its environmental goal as early as 2018, to achieve 20 percent reduction in emissions from trucks weighing over 7.5 tons by 2025 and reach 35 percent reduction by 2030. As a supporter of the Global Climate Initiative EV100*, DB Schenker will gradually turn its distribution fleet into green environmental vehicles.

*EV100 is a global initiative bringing together forward-looking companies that are committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and making electric transportation a new norm by 2030.

Technology leads environmental protection

By launching the new electric energy vehicle project, DB Schenker jointly developed a new concept of technology leading to environmental protection together with the customer. After rigorous route investigation and resource allocation, DB Schenker decided to use electric new energy vehicles in a dual-line and dual-shift mode for the round-trip delivery (Milkrun) in after-sales service. In the current distribution process, DB Schenker ensures 100% punctuality and cargo integrity.

Technology is at your fingertips

In response to strict timeliness standards, DB Schenker sets up a monitoring application on each electric delivery vehicle, and keeps track of information such as outbound, location, arrival, power, and charging of the electric vehicle.

Innovative system solution

In addition to making innovative technological advancements in the vehicle business, DB Schenker has also been developing solutions in LTL transport-tracking. With the comprehensive development of the mini program scanning feature, the company provides customers with a more comprehensive transport tracking experience.

Mini program scanning

  • End-to-end visibility covering Pickup, Hub, Linehaul and Delivery
  • Real time scanning by drivers and hub operators
  • Trackable on both shipment and handling unit level
  • Support customer label with barcode/QR code
  • The EPOD and unloading pictures are visualizable from the system when drivers scan and upload it

DB Schenker provides after-sales parts transportation services to more than 2,000 dealers or agents, covering more than 250 cities in China. As an industry pioneer in environmental protection, DB Schenker adheres to environmentally sustainable logistics solutions while providing integrated supply chain solutions to help customers reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental efficiency during operation. 

In addition, the world's first commercialized electric self-driving Truck T-pod, which was launched by DB Schenker and Swedish self-driving car startup Einride, has recently completed its first trial operation on the road in central Sweden.

CO2-reduction for every mode of transport

  • Eco Charter
    Reduce up to 20% of carbon dioxide emissions in air freight
  • Eco Ocean Lane
    Achieve up to 50% reduction of carbon emissions in ocean freight
  • Eco Neutral
    Compensates CO2 emissions which cannot yet be fully avoided during transportation by rail
  • Multimodal eco transport
    Reduce CO2 by combined transport modes
  • Eco warehousing
    Turns your warehouse into an energy-efficient warehouse

DB Schenker's excellent logistics experts are committed to provide on-time delivery and always at your service. With our comprehensive service network and extensive experience in the Chinese market, DB Schenker strives to create more efficient and effective green transportation solutions for customers in various industries.