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DB Schenker sets up airfreight "bridge" to speed urgent delivery

As the pandemic continues to spread around the world, the international air cargo supply chain is severely impacted due to reduced freight capacities on passenger and cargo airline flights. The high demand for pandemic prevention supplies in markets outside China makes export capacity increasingly tight. Under these unprecedented times, air freight has become the crucial transportation guarantee for urgent delivery. Since March, by leveraging our global logistics network, DB Schenker has successfully transported emergency pandemic protection supplies to many countries and regions in the world.
An appreciation letter from the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Beijing, People’s Republic of China

In order to strictly prevent and control the pandemic, the Civil Aviation Administration of China has stipulated that each Chinese airline is only allowed to maintain one route to any specific country with no more than one flight per week, whilst each foreign airline is only allowed to maintain one route to China with no more than one weekly flight since the end of March. In the midst of these circumstances, the DB Schenker airfreight team received an urgent request from the Qatar Embassy in Beijing to ship facial masks from Shanghai to Qatar.
With our airfreight team’s efforts to deploy efficient transport solutions, 2 million masks were eventually transported to Qatar on April 6. The overall transit time only took less than 3 days from arrival at warehouse, to customs declaration and finally delivery.

The Qatar Embassy in Beijing presents its compliments to DB Schenker for our rapid execution in the shortest time. The DB Schenker team is honored to continue supporting international anti-pandemic efforts with timely, reliable transport solutions and high-quality service.

Building the green airfreight lifeline with high speed

Under the multiple pressures of severe flight capacity restrictions and the new customs policy on the export commodity inspection of medical supplies, DB Schenker airfreight team competes against the clock to shorten operation times, aiming to build a “bridge” for shipping pandemic prevention supplies.

DB Schenker had operated 8 charter flights fully loaded with emergency supplies from China to Germany, the United States, Israel, Norway and Luxembourg from April 11 to 13, with a total quantity of over 18 million face masks, 310,000 sets of protective suits, 3 million gloves and 190,000 goggles.

As one of the global leading integrated logistics providers, DB Schenker will continue to keep pandemic protection supply chains running with our innovative and effective logistics solutions.