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DB Schenker showcases Future-ready Logistics at the China International Import Expo 2019

DB Schenker, one of the leading global integrated logistics service providers, will be at the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) showcasing a number of future-ready logistic technologies to enable the growth and development of the global logistics ecosystem. The CIIE, one of China’s flagship international trade and business events, will be held in Shanghai from November 5 to November 10, 2019. This is the second time DB Schenker has been invited to participate at the CIIE.

As one of the most established logistics brands, with over 140 years of history and industry pioneering legacy, DB Schenker will be sharing some of the exciting developments in global logistics to guests from all over the world at Booth 1.1B7-07 in the service trade exhibition area, giving free rein to the imagination of future global logistics. 

Innovation All the Time - The Digital Online Platform Connect 4.0 Will Make Its Debut in China at the Expo

The global logistics industry has been transformed significantly with evolving trade and economic integration, as well as with deep-tech and e-commerce. According to a recent report, the global logistics market is expected to grow to 15.5 trillion dollars in 2024, and the cargo quantity of global transportation and logistics is expected to reach 92.1 billion tons. The complexity and challenge for the logistics industry will be to balance between the increasingly personalized and customized logistics demands and the supply chains of shippers, manufacturers and brand owners. DB Schenker will release the Connect 4.0 digital online platform in China at this year’s CIIE, as part of its digital solutions for the global logistics industry.

The newly released Connect 4.0 digital online platform places customer experience and customer demand at the core of service, and provides customers with 24/7 real-time logistics and transportation services relying on DB Schenker’s global logistics service network of more than 2,000 branches in over 140 countries all over the world. With Connect 4 Ocean released for the first time in CIIE, customers can choose from thousands of port combinations and operation options in more than 50 countries and regions around the world to obtain customized logistics services with the help of global network experts, which can be realized at the touch of your fingertips. Meanwhile, with Connect 4 Ocean, customers can also obtain credible services such as real-time quotations, door-to-door shipment arrangements, online bookings, and full-time tracking covering the whole logistics cycle, so as to easily complete the procedure of delivery and solve logistics challenges. As part of Connect 4.0, Connect 4 Air will also be released early next year, extending the digital service to more logistics products.

Unceasing Exploration and Sharing of Global Logistics Solutions

In addition to Connect 4.0, DB Schenker will bring its innovative Virtual Reality (VR) forklift operation applications to the CIIE. Visitors can operate the forklift in a three-dimensional space simulating the environment in a real warehouse with a pair of VR glasses for a forklift operation exercise, which is realized in a modified forklift equipped with a fork lever, steering wheel, acceleration and reverse pedals.

The VR forklift operation application is a matured solution, which will gradually become the personnel training course for DB Schenker’s global service network, as part of its global human resource strategy and innovation. Compared to traditional training, virtual reality training not only can realize more effective and efficient learning, reducing training hours by 30% for forklift operators, it will also develop specific training courses for other range of skills and competencies at a later stage, and simulate more practical operation environments for diversified skill training, enabling effective career planning and career development.  The VR environment can also simulate problems and hidden dangers within the logistics workplace in a safe environment, so as to improve the working conditions of the logistics industry.

In addition, DB Schenker collaborates with leading R&D organisations, such as by establishing a strategic partnership with Fraunhofer IML, a renowned German research institute, and the joint set-up of a logistics and digital enterprise laboratory with leading technology companies like CISCO, to sandbox the next generation of logistics products, services and business modes. DB Schenker applies digital technology to develop and test innovative solutions such as power exoskeleton, unmanned vehicles and fleet, 3D printing technology, virtual supply chain management and so on, to explore the many possibilities for the future of logistics.

Connecting the World to enable a seamless Global Logistics Ecosystem

In Greater China, DB Schenker has established offices and warehousing / logistics facilities in 66 major cities, covering integrated logistics solutions such as railway transportation, land transportation, air transportation, sea transportation and contract logistics services, and has been a close partner of numerous industry-leading enterprises in China.

For this year’s CIIE, logistic service experts of DB Schenker will be on-site to share their ideas and perspectives on exciting developments in Global Logistics together with insights on China's impressive logistics industry development, with customer-centric concepts, providing guests with cross-product, cross-industry, and cross-region logistics solutions. DB Schenker will share how it advances business and lives by shaping the way our world connects.