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DB Schenker team donates old garments for H&M’s global return & recycle campaign I:CO

This week, DB Schenker supported its retail customer, the Swedish fast fashion house H&M, in its global return & recycle project called I:CO. H&M collects worn-out clothes and shoes and sorts the items for either re-usage or proper recycling. Recycled fibers become products for other industries or yarns for new textiles. With this initiative H&M and its partners enables a circular economy for the textile industry leading to a more sustainable future for fashion together. 更新照片2

As green logistics pioneer and advocate, DB Schenker employees in Shanghai collected numerous boxes of worn-out clothing for the project and delivered them to H&M’s warehouse in Kunshan close to Shanghai. We strongly support the idea of giving every garment a second life whilst saving valuable resources and preserving our environment! 794116860_(2)