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DB Schenker provides H&M with green store delivery

On December 1, 2018, DB Schenker in China kicked off its green store delivery service for the Swedish fast fashion brand H&M. By means of electric vehicles, DB Schenker transports clothing and accessories from H&M’s distribution center in Kunshan to 44 stores located across Shanghai – covering 90% of the urban store delivery.

In addition, DB Schenker handles the return logistics for H&M by green trucks. By launching this green initiative, DB Schenker supports H&M in its global strategy to reach common sustainable goals with its vendors. 

With a consistent on-time delivery average of 99.5% and a damage ratio of nearly 0% generated only within 10 days after switching to the new delivery mode, DB Schenker’s service performance has been outstanding. 

The existing delivery covered by electric vehicle is nearly 90% in Shanghai. However, with the fast development of electric vehicle technology, we are confident to soon be able to supply all stores with our green trucks - an important step towards achieving our sustainable goals. 

We, at DB Schenker, are pioneers and advocates of green logistics services. Together with our customers we continuously work on eco-friendly transport solutions and contribute to a healthier environment.