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We help you to find a Job!
Providing job opportunities for Ukrainians displaced in neighboring countries
We help you to find a Job! Перейти на українську мову

Job Aid for Ukranian People

Like so many others, we have watched the war unfolding in Ukraine, disrupting the lives of tens of thousands of civilians. When the world around us is in crisis, we have to step up and act.

The DB Schenker Spirit is about pulling together when it counts most so that we can rise the challenges we face. In this instance it is not for clients, but for the people displaced by the ongoing violence in Ukraine. At DB Schenker we are driven to elevate lives in everything we do, and at times like this, it matters more than ever before.

We are a global business, with a presence around the world. So, we are using this network to help connect Ukrainians with job opportunities in neighboring countries. We want to empower people to take control of their lives when so much is uncertain.

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We are offering Jobs in Poland
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If you speak English and have an IT background, then check the job openings at our Technology Solution Center in Warsaw
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We are offering Jobs in Germany
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We are offering Jobs in Czech Republic
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We are offering Jobs in Romania
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We are offering Jobs in Slovakia
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We are offering Jobs in the Netherlands
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Why Work Matters

When people are displaced from their home countries, their worlds are turned upside down. A job provides stability, both in terms of finances and life, but it is not easy to apply for a position when you are in such an uncertain space. We want to help Ukrainians to take charge of their lives again but finding positions that allow them to support themselves and their families – and to do so through a channel that takes into account their trying circumstances.

Information from DB about entering and travelling within Germany

As part of their response to the crisis, Deutsche Bahn is offering a free Help Ukraine ticket to those who need it. This enables Ukrainians to travel to certain cities in Germany and neighboring countries at no cost. All that is required is a Ukrainian passport or other identity document.

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