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News Archive

04/09/2019 HM Revenue and Customs: Getting ready for Brexit webinar
This live webinar provides an overview for UK businesses involved in the movement of goods between the EU and the UK. Find out what you need to know to keep importing and exporting, including:

  • why it’s important to apply for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI)
  • what Transitional Simplified Procedures are
  • how to prepare to make customs declarations
  • what Entry Summary Declarations are
  • how to pay the correct Customs Duty and VAT.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar using the on-screen text box. We may not be able to answer all questions raised during the webinar. We will provide useful links to regularly updated information at the end of the webinar.
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19/08/2019: Commentary from Robert Hardy (Brexit Advisor & Registered Expert with EU Commission): “Operation #yellowhammer is not new. I remember it being leaked about 6 months ago. Let’s keep it in perspective. Imagine imports default to TP (UK choice). 30% of exports are empty 30% are well prepared. X% will clear on arrival in France. That leaves export transit (it’s always been about export transit) meaning about 2000 export trucks a day are the last part of the problem to solve. Much effort is being put in to this at the moment including us and Cold Chain Federation working hard to find a solution.”

22/07/2019: DB Schenker: Hard Brexit Customer Communication

28/05/2019: The EU elections delivered some predictable results (in the UK at least) with The Brexit Party securing a large proportion of votes.   Some magical mathematics has followed and both sides, LEAVE and REMAIN, are claiming victory.   Only goes to show how split the UK still is.
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22/03/2019: Here is an updated version of the roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) information pack developed by HMRC. The Government’s priority is still to leave the EU with a deal that works for citizens and businesses, as laid out in The Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration. As a responsible Government, planning is underway for all scenarios, including a no-deal scenario. This information pack is part of the Government’s ongoing preparations to ensure trade flows smoothly at roll-on, roll-off (ro-ro) ports and Eurotunnel if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The pack explains the steps different users of ro-ro locations will need to take in order to continue to move goods via these routes in a no deal scenario. It includes ro-ro stakeholder information, a fact sheet and visual process flows to explain and show the user journeys for imports and exports.HMRC will be continuing to publish the most up-to-date information on GOV.UK, including any ongoing updates to the information contained in these documents. There is already extensive advice on GOV.UK regarding the steps that businesses and citizens may need to take to prepare for the UK’s exit from the EU – please visit gov.uk/euexit​ to access this.  If you have any questions, please contact: 
Download HMRC RoRo information pack

13/03/2019: Over the last 24 hours UK Parliament as rejected (a) the deal and (b) no deal.  Not clear what UK Parliament will accept. Note that UK rejecting no deal does not actually remove the possibility of no deal since it is the default position in the absence of any deal. Confused?
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19/02/2019: HMRC have just announced that in the event of the UK leaving the EU without a deal, there will be six-month suspension of the introduction of Safety and Security Declarations for imports to the UK. Previous guidance issued by HMRC stated that these ICS declarations were required to be made (from 29 March 2019) by the carrier/haulier prior to the goods being moved.
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