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DB Schenker Employee Yosvani Warehouse Manager

Yosvani’s heart beats for his customers’ cargo

Warehouse Manager Yosvani goes the extra mile for customers while also keeping his facility’s employees safe and secure 

Managing logistics during hurricane season is never easy, but it can be particularly challenging. When Hurricane Irma was bearing down on South Florida in September 2017, DB Schenker Warehouse Manager Yosvani knew that the weeks ahead would not be “business as usual.”

The first Category 4 hurricane to strike Florida since 2004, Irma made landfall in Marco Island as the most intense hurricane to strike the continental U.S. since Katrina. And while Miami didn’t sustain a direct hit from the storm, all transportation and logistics activities within hundreds of miles of the region were impacted by the fierce hurricane.

DB Schenker Career Warehouse Manager

“We had a lot of delayed cargo coming in from various customers due to the force majeure,” said Yosvani, who worked with his DB Schenker team members to fulfill and support those customer needs.

From Dock Hand to Warehouse Manager

Responsible for the warehouse’s profit and loss (P&L), operations, and worker safety, Yosvani has worked for DB Schenker since 2007. “I had no industry experience and joined as a temporary worker,” he recalled. 

DB Schenker Warehouse Manager Forklift

“I showed a lot of interest in the logistics business and worked pretty hard as a temp,” said Yosvani, who was offered a full-time opportunity in 2009. “I was hired by DB Schenker as a warehouse dock hand.”

Prior to joining the DB Schenker team, Yosvani was attending college and working part-time at a local supermarket. He calls his move to DB Schenker a “career breakthrough,” and said it gave him the opportunity to not only expand his own knowledge, but also become a project lead, supervisor, and a warehouse manager. 

What’s Next for Yosvani?

When Yosvani ponders the reasons why he enjoys working for DB Schenker, he said the biggest pluses include the respect that the company pays to its employees in the shape of benefits, recognition, and opportunities.

“DB Schenker also embraces diversity and promotes it quite well within our organization,” added Yosvani, who has borrowed a few pages from his employer’s diversity approach.

Diversity has helped me to recognize and respect ‘ways of being’ that are not necessarily my own.

DB Schenker Warehouse Manager Yosvani and Colleagues

Yosvani, Warehouse Manager

A fitness buff who goes to the gym daily and who also enjoys working on and repairing cars, Yosvani said he’s ready for whatever lies around the next corner. 

“I can’t predict what’s ahead, but I can assure you that I’m prepared for whatever comes my way — both in terms of the targets that I set for myself and those that DB Schenker has prepared for me,” he concluded. “In the meantime, I’m always working to attain good balance between work and personal life to make sure I’m always available for my family.”

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