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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

DB Schenker RUSSIA started using electronic bill of lading

In the summer of 2019, DB Schenker Russia conducted the first test trips using electronic transport waybill (ETN) for one of the company's key customers. Testing of the new solution is still ongoing, but the company has already managed to evaluate the convenience of using ETN: preparation of transport invoices takes minutes, documents are delivered seconds and are not lost on the way, and settlement for services is times faster.

The volume of traffic where ETN is in use, is still small, since the current legal framework allows the use of ETN only in full-trailer loads traffic. In order to introduce ETN in such an important and demanded market as groupage business, it is necessary to make additions and changes to the existing regulatory legal acts.

Nevertheless, testing confirmed that the solution can now be successfully used for current and new business tasks.

“Digitalization is one of the strategic directions of the development of our company. Schenker AO already has a fairly extensive experience in electronic document exchange (EDI) in the field of accounting. For example, we completely switched to the EDI billing process with some partners. Therefore, the first deliveries using ETNs passed without technical failures, ”said Aivars Taurins, Director General of Schenker JSC.

Synerdocs was selected as the partner for the pilot project.

“We entered into an agreement with them, first of all, due to the presence of a practically ready-made solution for electronic document management in the field of cargo transportation, while other EDI providers had such a solution only at the development stage,” said Aivars Taurins.

According to the expert, the consignors will also benefit from the use of ETRs, which will be able to accelerate the receipt of payment from the consignee. At the same time, the legal significance of the workflow remains.

“During the test deliveries, all the preparatory work for the exchange of documents (registration of drivers, issuing simple electronic signatures, etc.) went quickly and smoothly - the process took only 1.5 weeks. As a result, deliveries were successful. Now we are negotiating the scaling of the Synerdocs’ “EDI in Cargo Transportation” solution with DB Schenker and are developing a strategy for further steps, ”said Iraida Bakayeva, Synerdocs sales team leader.