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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

The first in Russia "bronze" warehouse DB Schenker will appear in Klimovsk

In total, there are only 15 storage facilities of this kind in Europe, the Russian warehouse has become the 16th.

Under the global programme XSITE the DB Schenker warehouse in Klimovsk was nominated for the “bronze” status.

The Bronze status is assigned to the warehouse, only if the team of European experts undertaking the overall audit, will come to a conclusion that the facility meets 103 criteria in such spheres as labour protection, environmental protection, introduction of the lean manufacturing method and stuff training.

Among the above-mentioned criteria, there are also parameters, which assist to analyze the efficiency of processes and the dynamics of their development, the involvement of the stuff in the processes and the ability of the employees to demonstrate leadership qualities. This strict analysis will boost the quality improvement of customer service, provided by the Russian affiliate of DB Schenker to its clients.

Aivars Taurins, the CEO of JSC Schenker in Russia, states that launching the XSITE programme the firm obtains competitive advantages in the sphere of warehouse logistics within the Russian market, it also gets an access to the advanced technologies of European countries and has a chance to adopt a unique systematic approach to warehouse management.

Those customers who already started using the storage facility of this sort will now have an opportunity not only to process and store their products, but also to use the premises as a showroom for their clients and partners.

The programme XSITE suggests 4 basic statuses:

  • a “developing” status– a warehouse receives this status as the implementation of the XSITE programme is completed. According to European standards the storage facility preserves a “Developing” status in a period from 6 months to one year, afterwards it is considered possible to apply for a “bronze” status
  • a “bronze” status is awarded to a warehouse which meets global operating standards and the criteria mentioned above.
  • the standards, necessary to obtain a “silver” status, include an extended version of a “Bronze status” criteria list with the dipper insight into the mechanisms of the operational system.
  • In order to obtain a “Golden Status” the storage facility should meet the requirements relevant for both “silver” and “bronze” warehouses and house a training center for the DB Schenker experts from all over the world.

Nowadays the warehouse in Klimowsk is the first and the single storage facility in Russia that has been nominated for the “bronze status”. In Europe there are 300 warehouses awarded such a status and the complex in Klimovsk is the 16th.

However, the CEO of JSC Schenker admits that regardless of the status all the DB Schenker warehouse complexes comply with the highest world standards, but there is no doubt that the Bronze warehouse surpasses all the expectations, especially if we bear in mind the fact that there is not a single “golden” or “silver” storage facility yet as no one can set the bar that high.

In future, the company tends to expand the usage of the XSITE programme implementing it for other warehouse complexes. Speaking about the plans, Aivars Taurins underlined that this year Schenker is going to launch the programme for the warehouse in Chekhov and to arrange an audit for the second warehouse in Klimovsk in order to register that the complex is worth of a Bronze status as well. He also expects to adjust some more premises to the programme requirements in 2020.