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Starting your career as an apprentice with DB Schenker in Vietnam

In case you were wondering what it is like to work as an apprentice at DB Schenker, please read the stories below of two of our apprentices who joined DB Schenker in Vietnam back in 2017.

Hoang Quang Huy

Currently, Huy works as an apprentice for the Ocean Import team in HCMC. He started his studies at the HCMC University of Transportation (UT) in 2016, where he specializes in Ocean Transport.

In September 2017, he saw the invitation for an Open Day organized by the German Industry and Commerce Vietnam (GIC/AHK Vietnam) - the vocational board for logistics - and the UT. The Open Day is part of a dual training program, based on the DIHK standard in Germany.

The UT students spend 50% of the program time studying at the university and in the remaining time, they gain work experience at one of the participating logistics companies.

At the event, Huy met for the first time with the Schenker Human Resources team. They talked about Schenker Vietnam and discussed various career development opportunities. Huy liked the long history of the company and the fact that DB Schenker is well established in Vietnam. He also wanted a job in an international and professional working environment where he would have a chance to learn about international logistics.

At the Open Day, Huy submitted his CV and was invited to attend a follow-up assessment session. Once that was successfully completed, Huy could start his apprenticeship with DB Schenker in Vietnam.

Huy loves the friendliness of his DB Schenker colleagues and he learns a lot from them, especially about the shipping documentation process. Whenever Huy has a problem and he asks for help, his colleagues are always willing to support him despite being busy themselves. This really makes him feel part of the DB Schenker community.

Learning on the job is not always easy. Huy has to split his time between studying at UT and working at Schenker and therefore time management can be challenging. Huy however sees this as a chance to learn to balance and manage his time better, which will no doubt benefit him in his future career.

Do not be afraid to try and do new things because it helps to improve yourself. It's hard to work in a different environment but it's great to learn new things and to get better every day.”

                     – Hoang Quang Huy, Apprentice, DB Schenker Vietnam

After finishing university, Huy wants to work in human resources because he enjoys to help people discover what they love and what they are good at. Improving his English skills is high on his agenda.

Nguyen Tan-Phuc

Phuc joined DB Schenker Vietnam in 2017 as an apprentice together with Huy as part of the same program. He chose DB Schenker because of the professional working environment and the culture. DB Schenker is a company that pushes limits in the logistics industry and Phuc immediately felt attracted to this 'making the impossible, possible' attitude.

Phuc is now in his second year of his apprenticeship and he very much values the relationship with his mentors in the company. They support him with strengthening his problem-solving skills.

Phuc’s first recommendation for newcomers is to be patient:

There are a lot of small things you will need to learn, from using the coffee machine to practicing email writing skills, organizing documents and communicating with colleagues. Learning about the small things are the first bricks to build a great wall later."

                     –  Nguyen Tan-Phuc, Apprentice, DB Schenker Vietnam

His second recommendation is to always remain positive. A new working environment can be challenging but the more challenges you overcome, the more you achieve. There is a solution to every problem, you just need to find them.

Phuc's last advice for newcomers is to be a good person and to always stay humble. This is what he learned from his first DB Schenker mentor who worked in Human Resources and it's a lesson he will always remember.

It's too early for Phuc to say what he would like to do after graduation and he does not know yet what his dream career will look like. He knows he'd like to make a difference and help as many people as possible by working hard and joining social activities.

Thanks to the rotational set-up of the program, both apprentices have greater exposure to different departments across the organization. Starting in Human Resources, Huy and Phuc worked both in Ocean Pricing before joining the Customs Brokerage Team in one of Schenker’s logistics warehouses. They will both work for the Ocean Import team until the end of March before moving on to Air Freight and Contract Logistics.

If you would like more information about career opportunities at DB Schenker in Vietnam, please email the Vietnam HR team at or see our vacancies in the career section on our website.