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Strong DB Alliance in the Middle East & Africa Region

Training and education from door to port

The foundation for professional training and education for the entire transport chain - from door to port - was successfully created!

On Friday 30th of April, DB Rail Academy and DB Schenker Campus MEA officially entered a strategic partnership to offer training and educational programs in the Middle East & Africa region (MEA) by facilitating and combining their specific resources, expertise and capabilities with the focus on a long term partnership.*

The MEA region, especially the African region, has excellent potential: many of its countries are amongst the world’s fastest growing economies and have significant potential for the labor force worldwide (source: The strong DB Schenker-Deutsche Bahn alliance will set cornerstones for high-quality, fast, and non-discriminatory training to support mobilizing the regional potential.

DB Rail Academy and DB Schenker Campus MEA will work towards improving the capacity and quality of personnel in the region’s railway and logistics sector by providing sustainable training and academic programs. The overall goal of this alliance is to create training and employment opportunities for the Middle East and Africa region, and support workforce localization across all roles in the railway and logistics sector.

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The first step will be implementing a comprehensive management program in rail and logistics that will support managers and others in the sector in operating and maintaining the railway and logistics infrastructure with an end-to-end perspective. Other focus areas will be to offer Train-the-trainer programs, online training, and management programs.

DB Schenker Campus MEA, a subsidiary of DB Schenker and Deutsche Bahn AG contributes towards strengthening the skills and competence of people through qualified and expert trainers in the MEA logistics industry, ensuring the availability of critical competence to the industry through training programs.

*due to worldwide travel restrictions, the inauguration of the partnership has been created virtually and the celebrations will be made up for as soon as the worldwide travel restrictions are lifted.