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Taking aftermarket logistics to the next level with the Logistics Orchestrator

We advance businesses and lives by shaping the way our world connects. To meet this ambitious target, we work consistently to digitalize logistics processes at DB Schenker so we can improve our business activities.

Tailored specifically to aftermarket business, DB Schenker’s digital solution is revolutionizing how spare parts are supplied to the industrial and aerospace sectors: The Logistics Orchestrator is a new digital platform that is smarter and more efficient at managing our customers’ global aftermarket business.

Markus Sontheimer (CIO/CDO)

“Our aim was to develop a solution that would help our customers manage their supply chains, optimize inventories and significantly reduce logistics costs.”

The platform allows the centralilzed management of all spare parts orders within a global distribution network. Processes are precisely pre-defined according to specific customer needs, so orders can be managed automatically.​​​​​​​ Log_Orch_800

Optimizing inventories and cutting delivery times: the new Logistics Orchestrator is designed to further improve the provision of spare parts to customers in the industrial and aerospace sectors.

This innovative software has enabled DB Schenker to boost the availability of spare parts in globally streamlined supply chains, reduce stocks and shorten delivery times to end-customers. That in turn lowers logistics costs by up to 30 percent.

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DB Schenker digitalizes global spare parts business

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