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DB Schenker shares knowledge

Freight Forwarding is a complex business. Some of us take courses at university, others learn on the job. Most of us specialise in one area of the business without getting a full understanding of other areas. The same holds true for our customers.

With this in mind, Schenker offers a ½ day Freight Forwarding workshop, for employees and customers to help broaden the awareness of the basics of our industry. You can’t get a degree out of a ½ day workshop, but you can learn new skills in different areas of the business.

Our Freight Forwarding Basics workshop is a perfect step to build on your existing knowledge. People who have been in the Import/Export business will learn new skills and pass on their knowledge to people who are new to the business.

Over the past 2 years DB Schenker successfully ran over 10 customer workshops and a similar number of internal workshops.
The purpose of such events was to provide our client base and employees with a greater understanding of the basics of freight forwarding.

While facilitating an open workshop, we were able to interact and present information around the following specific topics: 

-Container sizes
-Transit times for Air and Sea
-Common shipping problems
-Shipping terminology
-Export/Import documentation
-Australian Customs and Quarantine
-Standard Trading Conditions
-Dangerous Goods etc.

The casual event is split into following sessions:

-Workshop and discussion
-Warehouse tour of a Bonded Freight Forwarding site including a demonstration of air shipment handling
-Q & A
We can proudly state that we had over the past few years, over 100 participants from 20 different companies attended our workshops and a similar number of Schenker staff. Shares+Knowledge

Our clients learnt from the facilitator but also had a chance to network and learn from each other. The cross pollination between companies and industries helps all involved to walk away with a better understanding of how and why freight forwarding operates the way it does. From a customer perspective, Schenker is providing a value added service for their staff to broaden their knowledge and hopefully avoid some of the common pitfalls that can impact their business.
Appreciations to the attending corporations:
-Ammermann Partners
-Monde Nissan
-GM Holden
-Jackson & Jackson
Customer Feedback:
"The workshop was very worthwhile, the Q&A session was especially informative as different industries posed different questions. It was professional and well delivered, I would definitely send further candidates to future DB Schenker sessions" said Michael Noon - Ferrari Australisia PTY LTD
If you are a customer or employee interested in attending a workshop or a manager interested in organizing a workshop for your team or your site, please contact Mark Baeten, Vertical Market Manager Automotive (