Ocean Freight Container Ship

Bill of Lading

Truly Global Standards

With global trade dramatically increasing in size and complexity, the legal, commercial and administrative implications of international transport documents for customers are far reaching. As an integral part of its global ocean freight service portfolio Schenker is introducing a single, modern Bill of Lading worldwide bearing the product name "DB SCHENKERocean".

The implementation of the DB SCHENKERocean freight contract platform in all trade lanes represents yet another advantage for Schenker customers who have come to expect truly global standards in ocean freight logistics.

Great care has been applied in making sure this Bill of Lading conforms to today's international standards, including the "UCP 500" (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits). The effects of current and future security legislation (such as "Advance Manifest Requirements" in the U.S. and Canada) have been considered concurrently.

Schenkerocean Ltd., with its principal place of jurisdiction in Hong Kong, now acts as carrier under Hong Kong law. On shipments to and from ports in the U.S.A, Schenker, Inc. in the U.S. continues to act as the carrier using the very same DB SCHENKERocean Bills of Lading.

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