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    • Smart Logistics
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    Global Startup Management

    We innovate DB Schenker with startup collaboration.

    Elevating lives through innovation

    We aim to digitalize and automate our business worldwide. So we’re constantly looking for new solutions to revolutionize our services.

    We find the best matches between startups and our business and foster collaboration success.

    Are you a startup interested in working with us to test and scale your business globally? We offer several exciting opportunities.

    Our value proposition for startups

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    Evaluation and match making

    What solution have you developed? We’ll give you good, fair, and quick feedback – and talk to you about the next steps. Together, we identify the use cases and prepare the pilot project.

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    Piloting and global scaling

    We help you to run a pilot project with clear and transparent KPIs. Together, we analyze the product/market fit. You benefit from our expertise and visibility: 700,000+ customers, 150 years of experience in logistics, and 2,000+ locations.

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    Connect with our experts and your peers to create the new.

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    Mentoring and best practices

    You’ll have access to global industry experts for all markets as sparring partners. Ready to get started? We’ll share our knowledge and methods with you to accelerate your business.

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    Strategic collaboration? Absolutely! Together we define industry needs and help you build a competitive product.

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    Get more awareness: we place you as a use case and reference of DB Schenker.

    Ready for some highlight collaborations?


    A truck with a DB Schenker and a Fernride logo driving around a facility Watch Video

    Together with Fernride, we realize the future of remote autonomous driving.


    A Volocopter Volodrone carrying the DB Schenker logo sitting on a parking deck Watch Video

    Jointly with Volocopter, we are developing the heavy-lift cargo drone "VoloDrone".


    Gideon vehicle driving though the warehouse Watch Video

    With Gideon, we are accelerating the development of autonomous mobile robots.

    Get inspired and inspire us!

    • Logo of ProGlove

      ProGlove is a German engineering company taking a human-centric approach to innovation, shaping the future of smart wearables for industry 4.0.

      ProGlove Read more
    • Logo of Avatour

      Avatour brings coworkers, clients, and inspectors on-site with 360° remote collaboration – for real-time communication.

      Avatour Read more
    • Logo of Kinexon

      KINEXON delivers cloud software combined with sensors and networked devices to capture, optimize, and automate production, logistics, and sports processes.

      KINEXON Read more
    • Logo of LMAD

      LMAD is a versatile, robot-independent software platform that enables operators to use autonomous vehicles to run their business.

      LMAD Read more

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