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History in Estonia

Schenker Berlin opened the first office in 1920 in Memel (now Klaipeda), Estonia Tallinn, on Rataskaevu street, followed in 1921; Tartu in 1924; Valga in 1925. About 100 employees were working for Schenker in the Baltic States, especially in rail and sea transports, warehouse and customs clearance. 

In 1991, AS Auto Ekspress was founded in Estonia. BTL acquired a stake in the company in 1994, taking it over completely in 1995 and renaming it Scanped Eesti AS. 

In October 1996, Schenker Kaukokiito Eesti AS was established.
In 1998, Schenker acquired BTL in those countries in which both operated; the name of the company was changed to Schenker-BTL and then 2001 to Schenker AS. In 2004, AS Balti Transport also merged with AS Schenker.