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Heavy-duty vehicles road tax 01.01.2018

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to the amendment of the Law on Traffic Act of the Republic of Estonia and related laws of other laws, adopted on June 14, 2017, road tax will be implemented in Estonia from 01.01.2018. This is a significant additional cost element that affects all companies that use heavy-duty vehicles (register weight over 3500kg). Logistics companies are particularly affected by the change in legislation with a significant increase in production costs.

Based on the above, AS Schenker informs that, starting from 01.01.2018, a toll surcharge will be applied to road transport. The amount of the fee is 1.8% of the freight charge, which is added to the freight as a separate line on the invoice and applies to all shipments irrespective of whether it is an domestic transport in Estonia or international transport.

We thank you for your understanding!

With regards
Kristo Vrager
Member of the Board