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Land Transport Fuel Surcharge (BAF)

Land transport Fuel Surcharge in February 2020 is +24.8%.

Road toll surcharges = +1.8% (from 01.01.2018).

Due to continuous fuel price increase in the world market, the costs of transport services have risen remarkably. Also, the prices of vessel tickets and our partners transportation costs have increased.

From the vendor's point of view, we want to link fuel costs changes to our service prices and add fuel surcharge to invoices with extra row.

The monthly rate of fuel surcharges and the road toll surcharge of +1.8% of the transport charge (from 01.01.2018) will be added to the monthly fee.

The full trailer price list includes fuel surcharge and road toll surcharge, except for full trailer transportation in Estonia. The price of fuel surcharge changes also the price list.

When calculating the fuel surcharge, AS Schenker will take into account the diesel fuel wholesale price in Neste terminal as of the penultimate office day of the month before and it will be valid during the following month. Fuel surcharge will be calculated according to the goods arrival date at AS Schenker terminal.

Fuel surcharge is applied from 1st of June, 2006.

*BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor)