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    On the way to sustainable logistics.

    Electrified by performance.

    Proud Logistics Partner of Porsche´s GT4 e-Performance Tour

    Porsche Motorsport and DB SCHENKER shifted up a gear by partnering up for the demo tour of Porsche's electrically powered GT4 e-Performance. Around the globe the revolutionary e-racer prototype is going to offer speed-enthusiasts a glimpse at the future of racing, while we will do the same in the field of sustainable logistics. The race for clean logistics is on. And our track is more than 40,000 km long. 

    From Austin to Melbourne: The GT4 e-Performance Tour

    A man in an orange DB Schenker safety vest looking at the GT4 e-Performance

    Triumph Down Under

    Racing 40,000 km leads to beaches, sunshine and distinctive wildlife. Our final pit stops in the metropoles Sydney and Melbourne mark the end of our journey. Conquering all challenges, we have solidified our position as leaders in logistics, thanks to our dedicated global team. Teamwork has truly made the dream work throughout our incredible world tour, spanning 10 cities across three continents. We did not only deliver the GT4 e-Performance, but unforgettable experiences and emotions to around 1 million people worldwide. Our track record speaks for itself - always delivering safely, soundly, and on time. Today, we celebrate our victory in the ultimate logistics race with resounding cheers!

    The GT4 e-Performance race car parked in front of Shanghai's urban skyline.

    Greater China

    From Tokyo’s bustling streets to Greater China’s mainland, we’ve pioneered the way we do logistics and extended our racetrack another 3008 kilometers. Guided by our two custom containers, we maintain the seamless journey of the GT4 e-Performance amidst Shanghai's urban skyline and Guangzhou's lively streets. In Guangzhou, one of our DB SCHENKER electric trucks successfully facilitated an eco-friendly delivery to the Guangzhou Auto Show.

    Boxes are loaded into a DB SCHENKER container


    Our adventures in APAC continue as we unveil our latest triumph: the flawless voyage of the GT4 e-Performance race car prototype from the glitzy streets of Singapore to the neon-lit boulevards of Tokyo. Our tireless crew ensured that this high-performance marvel arrived in Tokyo unscathed, preserving its futuristic charm and cutting-edge technology. But hold on to your racing helmets because here’s the twist – a select group of our employees got to rub shoulders with the GT4 e-Performance, feeling firsthand the exhilaration that comes from realizing we don’t just move cargo, we transport dreams and ignite passions. 

    GT4 e-Performance car on the track, surrounded by people

    Laguna Seca

    Amidst the stunning backdrop of Laguna Seca's Rennsport Reunion 7, we proudly present the arrival of the GT4 e-Performance, arriving in style after a 4,500 kilometer cross-country journey by train, all the way from the vibrant East coast to the picturesque West coast of the United States. As we deliver the race car at this iconic event, we can't help but reflect on the incredible journey of our Americas tour, which has taken us to inspiring places and introduced us to passionate motorsport and logistics enthusiasts along the way. It's been an absolute blast, and we're thrilled to share this moment with you!

    GT4 e-Performance prototype driving in front of the Singapore skyline at night


    While the first GT4 e-Performance prototype still tours the U.S., we're thrilled to announce the successful transportation of the second GT4 e-Performance prototype from Germany to Singapore via ocean freight. The journey was smooth and secure! We’re eagerly anticipating the start of the APAC tour of the GT4 e-Performance Tour, and what better place to kick it off than the iconic Guoco Tower in Singapore? Stay tuned for an unforgettable automotive experience, and do not forget to check out our images capturing the arrival of the race car in APAC! 

    The GT4 e-Performance in Times Square

    Watkins Glen

    We are happy to have escorted you all the way from Atlanta to the GT4 e-Performance tour stop in Watkins Glen, New York. What a race! As you would expect from your official logistics partner, we already look forward to bringing you safely across the US to the West Coast for your next tour stop at the end of September.

    Depiction of DB SCHENKER container in front of a building

    Welcome to Atlanta!

    After the Porsche GT4 e-Performance travelled sustainably by ship with biofuel all the way from Europe to America, we successfully delivered the e-racer prototype to Austin, Texas. Our next milestone was Atlanta, Georgia, where some of our colleagues were able to see the car in person. See for yourself on LinkedIn.

    Race car sponsored by DB SCHENKER driving past a truck

    First milestone: Austin, Texas

    In March 2023 the Porsche GT4 e-Performance presented its skills at the legendary South by Southwest festival and conference. With its dedication to innovation and creativity it’s the perfect place to put our ambitious cooperation to the test. 

    We are "ready, set, go" for your next sporting event

    Christian Schultze

    Head of Global Sports Events

    Over 40,000 kilometers to achieve 1 goal

    Drift, drag, hill climb. The new Porsche GT4 e-Performance proved itself in many disciplines throughout its tour. And so did we. Before each new stop for Porsche was a race for DB SCHENKER. On roads. On rails. And across oceans. Always with one grand prize in mind: a cleaner future.


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    Always wanted to have your shipments powered by SAF? / Learn more about our sustainable solution.

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    Ready to explore the power of biofuel? / Learn more about our sustainable solution.

    Jochen Thewes, CEO of DB SCHENKER, and Barbara Frenkel, board member at Porsche, next to a Porsche race car
    Barbara Frenkel and Jochen Thewes / © DB SCHENKER

    "We are excited to challenge and demonstrate our abilities on tour with Porsche." 

    Jochen Thewes / Chief Executive Officer

    As a company, we continuously invest in renewable energies and greener products for our customers. We have firmly anchored the topic of sustainability in our corporate strategy and have set ourselves the goal of becoming the world's leading provider in green logistics.


    What would be a race without highlights

    While the GT4 e-Performance tours the world, we want to bring you closer to this great experience with our latest Making-Of-Video. Lots of hustle and bustle, colorful lighting, loud instructions, and then someone calls "take one": it's time to shoot. Take a look behind the scenes, experience the action through the lens of the director, and get exclusive insights into our partnership with Porsche Motorsport.

    Our latest video, "Love Talk," marks the next milestone in our partnership with Porsche Motorsport. This captivating video showcases a heartwarming story of friendship between two remarkable vehicles - a truck and a race car - both powered entirely by electricity. It's an inspiring tale of what is possible in our industry when innovation and sustainability come together. 

    At this starting line, power meets innovation. Watch our electric DB SCHENKER truck and the GT4 e-Performance set the pace in an electrifying race into new possibilities. This showdown marks the first milestone of our partnership with Porsche Motorsport. Can you guess who will win?

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