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DB Schenker Open Innovation

Open Innovation

At DB Schenker we strongly believe that many heads think better than one, especially when they come from different business sectors.

Open innovation is the key to our innovation philosophy. DB Schenker sparks innovation that moves our customers and industry forward – by actively engaging in innovative networks such as the International Data Space Association, IDG (International Data Group), HOLM (House of Logistics and Mobility), CIMT (Cross-Industry Maker Tank) and the Deutsche Bahn Group. 

Furthermore, in our innovation workshops we meet with our experts, customers, suppliers, and further partners from various fields to explore new possibilities in our collaborations. The use of state-of-the-art creativity and innovation techniques help to develop win-win results which can be placed into practice shortly afterwards in our daily business to embrace the future together.

Start-up Management DB Schenker

Start-up Management

A strong network paired with the freshest ideas: DB Schenker engages in fruitful collaborations with innovative start-up businesses.

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Innovation DB Schenker

Innovation and Digitalization Insights

Innovation is about looking beyond the existing and challenging the status quo in order to develop the best solutions beyond borders and for maximum value for everyone.

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DB Schenker Innovation Lab

Enterprise Lab

DB Schenker owns a state-of-the-art lab to develop and test the technologies which will shape tomorrow's logistics.

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