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    Semiconductor Supply Chain Management

    From nano to terra, we offer “Moore” than just supply chain management.

    Market Update

    • Materials and Consumables

      • Silicon
      • Reticles 
      • Lead Frames 
      • Wires 
      • Gas and Chemicals

      Related Products

      • Air Freight – Expedited Air Freight and handling
      • Ocean Freight – FCL, LCL, DG
      • Land Transport – Dedicated transports
      • Contract Logistics – Spare part logistics

    • Equipment

      • OEM, Suppliers 
      • Refurbished
      • Tools 
      • Brokers

      Related Products

      • Air Freight – Temperature and humidity control, shock sensitive, tarmac access
      • Ocean Freight – FCL, LCL (old tools, main bodies)
      • Land Transport – Special handling, temperature and humidity control, air-suspension trucks
      • Contract Logistics – Buffering storage (special environment), bonded warehouse, spare part logistics

    • Chip Manufacturer

      • IDM 
      • Fab-Lite 
      • Fabless

      Related Products

      • Air Freight – OBCs, expedited, direct and consol services
      • Ocean Freight – Reverse logistics, scrap material
      • Land Transport – Distribution, domestic and x-border (TAPA TSR), armed trucks, taxi runs
      • Contract Logistics – In-house services, X-docking, PVMI, tool storage, tool move in/out

    • Outsourced Manufacturing

      • Pure-Play
      • Foundries 
      • OSATs

      Related Products

      • Air Freight – Direct and consol service
      • Ocean Freight – FCL, LCL, DG
      • Land Transport – First/last mile transport
      • Contract Logistics – Tool move in/out

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