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Schenker history sepia ticket

Celebrating 20 years of Schenker-Seino

2022 marks 20 years of partnership between Japan Schenker and Seino Holdings.

Schenker-Seino 20th Anniversary logo

Reticular Background

… symbolizes the network of partnerships with our customers​

Figure-Eight Knot” (“八の字結び”)

… is a universal strong knot, representing strength​

Since the shape resembles the infinity symbol, it also expresses how our possibilities expand with no limit​

No Border on top

… is showing how our growth is borderless with no limit​

Solid Typeface 

… represents our long history, reliability, and stability over the past 20 years  ​

Color of Knot

…combination of DB Schenker Red and Seino Blue​

Comments from the CEOs

Yoshitaka Taguchi
Chief Executive Officer
Seino Holdings Co.,Ltd.

I would like to express my congratulations to “Schenker-Seino Co.,Ltd.” on celebrating their 20th Anniversary. This is thanks to the patronage of our customers, and the support and cooperation we received from our partners across many years. At the same time, I would also like to give my warmest congratulations and respect to all the executives, employees, and their families that developed the Schenker-Seino of today.

Based on the ideas of co-creation and co-existence, we wish to connect across industries and businesses to provide new values to solve our customers’ problems. Let’s continue to challenge ourselves, and contribute to our customers’ prosperity by resolving matters together in order to “Deliver Smiles and Happiness to all people.”

Siew-Wei Ong
Schenker Seino
President and CEO
Japan and North East Asia

On April 1, 2002, Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd was established combining Japan Schenker, Schenker-Seino Logistics and the international forwarding division of Seino Transportation.

We thank all employees of Seino Group for your collaboration with us and our customers.

Schenker-Seino is excited to continue to contribute growth to Japan, with forward drive to UNLEASH logistics in the focus areas of Customers, Collaboration, Products and Planet.

We look forward to growing stronger and going further as one with Seino Group.

50 Years DB Schenker in Japan

To give you an overview of Schenker's history in Japan you can download the PDF-version of our Corporate Book on this page.

"The past 50 years for DB Schenker in Japan were shaped not only by the movement of the market or the changes in the industry. It was mainly the people - customers, partners and staff - who made the company what it is right now. A major player in the Japanese transport and logistics market.

This book captures the spirit, the passion, the know-how and the resourcefulness of the founders, leaders and staff - along with the perspectives of customers and partners."

"50 years DB Schenker in Japan - The journey has just begun."

PDF Download

The e-version of the book can be found here.