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    Team and Contact

    Nice to meet you! We are the global DB SCHENKER STARTup terminal team – we are here to find the best startup solutions and foster collaborative success.

    Every team member brings super valuable and complementary competences, experiences, and an open-mindset to the table, ready to innovate the core-organization.

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    Erik Wirsing

    Hungry for innovation

    Coming from the heart of logistic Erik identified the need for global innovations and centralized startup activities back in 2016. His in-depth supply chain understanding, internal and external network, and unstoppable desire to enhance the operational side of DB SCHENKER makes him the ultimate joker for any innovation projects big and small.

    Portrait of Ronja Stoffregen

    Ronja Stoffregen

    Trust the process

    Ronja has an academic background in finance and strategic management. Her career started with consulting firms in strategy, their digital transformation and by building ventures from [0-1]. She is now heading the global startup management activities at DB SCHENKER to bridge both worlds and to empower startups scale their solutions from [1-10] while creating and capturing for both sides. 

    Portrait of Sebastian Schuhmann

    Sebastian Schuhmann

    Execute impactful

    Sebastian brings over a decade of valuable experience from his activities in the Innovation department at DB SCHENKER. With a background in logistics, he has successfully demonstrated the value of numerous innovative technologies that have since become integral to the organization's daily operations. Currently, he is heading the Innovation project activities focusing on effectively testing and implementing innovative technological solutions within DB SCHENKER's core logistics operations.

    Portrait of Arthur Gottfried

    Arthur Gottfried

    There is always room for innovation

    Arthur is part of the global startup management team since its beginning in 2016 - As senior innovation manager he is the human startup-database and responsible for the inbound startup pipeline. With a hands-on mentality and wide extensive network, he always finds new ways for innovation at DB SCHENKER.

    Portrait of Ngoc-Giao (Lisa) Han

    Ngoc-Giao (Lisa) Han

    Empower ideas, ignite change

    As a global innovation manager, Lisa focuses on effective project management and collaborative partnerships with startups for Proof-of-Concept initiatives. Guided by the belief that 'No is never the answer to our question,' she fosters an environment where innovation thrives. Lisa pushes projects forward by facilitating seamless cooperation between established entities and start-ups.

    Portrait of Mark Lange

    Mark Lange

    Sustainable change requires people who live up to it

    Mark has experienced the mobility sector from the viewpoints of a research institute, a startup and SME, as well as from a corporate standpoint. In his role as global innovation manager, he fosters digital developments to future-proof DB SCHENKER's core business. Important to him is that new solutions are not just financially beneficial but also add value to the people.

    Portrait of Wilhelmine​ Schlosser

    Wilhelmine Schlosser

    Getting things done

    Mine has an academic background in global logistics management and a high personal motivation to bring new digital solutions into operations. Her deep understanding of the value proposition of DB SCHENKER is a key ingredient to identify and evaluate pain points from the business side to conduct a very tailored scouting of startups identifying the most relevant startups for DB SCHENKER.

    Portrait of Niklas Stratmann

    Niklas Weishaupt

    Keep one foot on the shop floor

    Niklas works in the field of innovation for logistics for more than 4 years. In his role as senior innovation manager, he actively drives pilot projects in DB SCHENKER’s logistics operations. While testing innovative startup solutions for their technical feasibility, for him the most important success criteria is that it can be operationalized beneficially in the logistics industry.

    Pascal Dunkel

    Challenge everything

    Pascal gained experience in innovation areas for organisations in different industries. He has an academic background in mobility and logistics and is currently pursuing a master’s in business development and digital innovation. Since May 2022, he explores the frontiers of venture clienting and trends and insights at DB SCHENKER, constantly challenging assumptions to redefine possibilities.

    Any questions?

    • As the name states it – venture clienting is the activity of becoming the client of a venture. This means corporations becoming the customer of startups by piloting their products and services with the aim to implement and scale the solution internally. 

    • No. We are the venture client unit at DB SCHENKER. Our primary objective as a venture client is to validate the prototypes developed by startups, facilitate their understanding of the supply chain industry, and establish connections with key decision makers to drive their business development efforts.

    • We are currently accepting applications on an ongoing basis, without any specific application deadline. To apply, please access our online application form.

    • Absolutely! In fact, some of the most captivating innovations we've encountered were born in industries outside of the supply chain industry. We firmly believe that your technology or unique use case might present an entirely fresh perspective that no one considered before.

    • No. Our aim is to become your customer. Our sister department Schenker Ventures has a venture capital arm –

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