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DB Schenker in Malaysia Expands its Contract Logistics Footprint in Shah Alam, Central Malaysia

New expansion of 272,000 square feet next to existing 2 facilities
(Shah Alam, 01 Aug 2018) DB Schenker in Malaysia opened its sixth and seventh
facility named Kuala Lumpur Logistics Centre (KL 06 & KL 07) in the Shah Alam
U10 Logistics Park, Central Malaysia. These facilities will provide warehousing,
distribution and value-added services. Both logistics center started its operation
in Q3 2018.

The newly opened logistics center will feature a built-up space of 118,000
square feet (KL 06) and 154,000 square feet (KL 07), a combined storage
capacity of more than 25,000 pallet positions, and an office space of 4,000
square feet each. Both facilities will provide temperature-controlled and ambient
areas to suit the requirements of different customers.

180727_Expanding ​​​​​​​
Strategically located within the new Shah Alam U10 Logistic Park, the facility is
centrally positioned within Klang Valley and approximately 12 kilometres from
the corporate office in Bukit Jelutong; the distance to Kuala Lumpur
International Airport (KLIA) is just 60 kilometres and only 28 kilometres to Port
Klang. This is another strategic expansion within 5 years in U10 Logistics Park,
next to KLC8 and KLC9 facilities.

Offered services combined with the optimal location of the facility and access to
Guthrie Expressway, as well as excellent multi-linkages, will allow smooth
connections to most of the cities, and an accelerated flow of cargo
transportation, thus facilitating our customers’ goods movement in their global
supply chain.

About DB Schenker in Malaysia:

DB Schenker in Malaysia offers integrated solutions in Supply Chain Management, operating 24 warehouses in Peninsular Malaysia with footprint of more than 2.4mil square feet in 15 strategic locations. Schenker Malaysia hold all required licenses for customs clearance, transportation, warehousing and was officially accredited for their halal logistics operations under the international halal standard for logistics IHIAS 0100:2010, which covers both storage and transportation. For more information, please visit