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DB Schenker in Malaysia receives JAKIM halal certification

DB Schenker – The first multinational logistics service provider certified with both JAKIM and international halal logistics standard

(Shah Alam, 21 Sept 2017)  Schenker Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is now officially certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) under the halal logistics standard MS 2400:2010 for  its Kuala Lumpur Logistics Centre (KLC9) located in Puncak Alam, U10 Shah Alam. 

In 2016, Schenker Malaysia was already successfully accredited for its halal logistics operations under the international halal standard for logistics IHIAS 0100:2010. Schenker Malaysia halal logistics operations is hereby compliant with both international and local halal standards, making it the first multinational logistics service provider to do so.


This recognition is timely as halal supply chain management is an emerging requirement for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands that want to extend halal assurance throughout their supply chain, similar to existing food and product safety standards. Under the halal logistics system, customers can be assured that halal cargo is segregated from non-halal cargo in transport and storage, high hygiene standards apply to both transport and warehousing, and a solid halal assurance system is in place to continuously control the halal business processes.   

This certification allows DB Schenker to offer end-to-end halal contract logistics solutions for companies that are halal certified. Halal contract logistics solutions provide better protection for halal cargo and corporate brands along the supply chain.

About DB Schenker in Malaysia:

DB Schenker in Malaysia offers integrated solutions in Supply Chain Management, operating 25 warehouses in Peninsular Malaysia with footprint of more than 2.4mil square feet in 16 strategic locations. Schenker Malaysia hold all required licenses for customs clearance, transportation and warehousing.