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DB Schenker in Malaysia turns to green energy for its warehouse operation in Melaka

A next step in DB Schenker’s journey to become the leading green logistics provider

DB Schenker Malaysia has completed the installation of solar panels on its multi-customer warehouse facility in Melaka. The solar panel installation in Melaka includes a total of 1,198 solar panels of 450W each covering a total roof area of 2,604 SQM. The newly built Solar PV System has the capacity to produce around 718,200 kWh starting from the first year. 

By installing the 539.10kWp solar PV system, DB Schenker reduces CO₂ emissions up to 475 tons/year or a total of 10,500 tons over a period of 25 years. 

Robert Reiter, CEO Southeast Asia DB Schenker, commented: “The new solar panel roof installation highlights our commitment to becoming the leading green logistics provider by consistently reducing our carbon footprint. We are already a major Contract Logistics player in Southeast Asia, and we are currently assessing improvement measures for all our facilities with the aim of further reducing emissions throughout the Cluster.”

Lee Poh Yoke, General Manager Global Real Estate Management, said: “By utilizing 2,604 SQM of the total 7,237 SQM of our own warehouse roof, we will be able to bring down our electricity cost and most importantly reduce the CO₂ emissions.”

The DB Schenker warehouse is located in the Melaka World Solar Valley (MWSV), an eco-industrial park that promotes the use of renewable energy sources. 

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About DB Schenker’s sustainability program 
DB Schenker has a high commitment to sustainability. Currently, DB Schenker offers Eco Solutions for every mode of transportation, allowing customers to reduce or compensate for CO2 emissions along the entire supply chain. As such, we can cut CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent in air freight and up to 50 percent in ocean freight. Environmentally-friendly solutions are also available for land transport regarding innovative engines and fuels and by using energy-efficient, sustainable measures in all our buildings. As a global leader focused on green logistics, DB Schenker is able to calculate and provide the CO2 footprint of our customers’ supply chains in a transparent way and can offer recommendations for optimization.