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DB Schenker Land Transport in Malaysia harvests rain water for washing trucks

Reducing our environmental footprint by using rain water to clean trucks on a daily basis.

We can no longer assume that there is an endless supply of water even in a country with high average annual rainfall like Malaysia. Ultimately global warming, changes in the weather and increasing water consumption have an impact on supply chains. As a leading provider in the logistics industry in Malaysia we are convinced that we need to take the lead in making the supply chain more sustainable.

One of the new sustainable initiatives is the implementation of a Rainwater Collecting system. This new system helps the Malaysian Land Transport team to significantly reduce water use. We collect and filter rainwater in a tank that can be safely used to wash our trucks. The system is easy to maintain and it took less then one month to install. With the new rainwater harvesting tank we not only help our customers to reduce their environmental impact, we also save on our water bill.

Captain Kamarul Fadzil Merican, General Manager Land Transport Malaysia, commented: “When developing our business, we should not neglect the importance of finding and implementing sustainable solutions. Considering that the team in Bukit Jelutong, Selangor has a large fleet of 15 trucks and that we wash at least one truck every day, we save potentially up to 182,500 liter of water on a yearly basis, assuming that we use on average 500 liters per truck and that we have an adequate supply of rain water. It is great to see that with a simple solution, we manage to indeed reduce our water usage”.

The DB Schenker team in Malaysia has more green initiatives in the pipeline and aims at becoming the leading green logistics services provider in the country.

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